Tatsuro Yamashita – Zutto Issho Sa

Tatsuro Yamashita - Zutto Issho Sa

Normally when I watch a Japanese drama, I will skip the ending credits part. But in “Bara no nai Hanaya” I let it played until the end because the song played in the ending credits sequence is very nice to listen! It is the drama theme song call “Zutto Issho sa” written and sang by one of the most influential Japanese musician Tatsuro Yamashita.

“Bara no nai Hanaya” is my most favorite drama of the winter 2008 season. The story is nice and engaging, the relationship is very twisting and interesting. It is not an ordinary getsu 9 love drama. I’m definitely recommend this drama to everyone. “Zutto Issho sa” portrays the look and feel of the drama, and the lyric is beautiful too. Continue reading to listen to the song with lyric and translation!

Tatsuro Yamashita – Zutto Issho Sa

Lyric/Music: Tatsuro Yamashita

shijima no naka de
anata no koe wo kikasete

namida wo tokashite
fuyu wa mou sugu owaruyo

ikutsu mo no kanashimi wo
kuguri nuke ta sono ato de
tsunai da te no atataka sa ga
subete o shitte iru

anata to futari de
iki te yuki tai
sore dake de nani mo ira nai
hiru mo yoru mo yume no naka made
zutto zutto issho sa

kizu tsui ta
kokoro no kake ra o
hitotsu nokora zu hirotte

ai toiu
fushigi na jigusoo
tsunagu piece o sagasu yo

hontou no tsuyo sa wa
“hitori ja nai” tte ieru koto

kaze no naka de yorisou
hana no you ni
hime ya kani

anata to futari de
iki te yuke tara
nan do demo umarekawareru
tado ri tsui ta bokura no basho de
zutto zutto issho sa

anata to futari de
iki te yuki tai
sore dake de nani mo ira nai
toki no umi ni mirai wo ukabe
zutto zutto
zutto issho sa
zutto zutto issho sa
zutto issho sa …

山下達郎 – ずっと一緒さ





昼も夜も 夢の中まで
ずっと ずっと 一緒さ





たどリ着いた 僕らの場所で
ずっと ずっと 一緒さ

時の海に 未来を浮かべ
ずっと ずっと
ずっと 一緒さ
ずっと ずっと 一緒さ
ずっと 一緒さ…

English translation (incomplete)

Wrap your arms around me amidst the silence
Let me hear your voice

Melt away these lingering tears
The winter’s almost over

After making it past so much sadness
The warmth from our two hands tells it all

I want to spend the rest of my life with you
That’s all I need, nothing else

Noon or night or in my dreams
Forever, forever… Together

If it means I can spend the rest of my life with you
I’ll change who I am

Entrusting the future to the sea of time
Forever, forever… Together

credits: music.goo.ne.jp | wiki.d-addicts

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  • http://www.gosammy.com Sam

    Thanks to your mention of this drama, I’ve watched 7 episodes in the span of two days. The storyline is brilliant!

    …But back on topic of the song, “Zutto Issho Sa”; I also agree it’s a good song and it fits the drama very well. 🙂

  • http://www.jay-han.com jayhan

    yeah, the song is very nice 🙂

  • http://www.pelangipetang.com Fath

    I’m looking for this song right now. Wanna give a try. 🙂 Hey, can you read or write (or speak) Japanese?

  • http://www.jay-han.com jayhan

    Hi Fath,

    I can read, write and speak Japanese, but not very pro, mada heta desu. Now taking Japanese language class.

  • http://www.pelangipetang.com Fath

    I see… It’s the toughest language to learn, rite? you’re cool 🙂

  • http://www.jay-han.com jayhan

    Maybe because I know Chinese language, I found out that learning Japanese is not that painful.

  • tan_pang

    After *ahem this song and when going to scrobble in last.fm.
    The information of Yamashita Tatsuro really shock me… very hard to believe that this song is from a hit star that start to active on the year 1972…

    “In 2003, HMV listed Tatsuro as the worlds 74th most influential musician, and at No.6 in their list of Japan’s top 100 musicians, for his influence on the music industry.

    He was also listed at No.5 in their list of the worlds top 50 greatest singers, and at No.1 in their list of Japan’s top 30 singers.”

    Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yamashita_Tatsuro

  • http://www.jay-han.com jayhan

    yeah, his voice is really nice and he is such a veteran singer and I never listened to his songs once before! Great artist, great song.

  • heLLsing

    can u tell where to get the pv…? i cannot find it. onegaishimass

  • http://www.jay-han.com jayhan

    hi heLLsing, seriously I can’t find any PV on this song, many are taken out from the ending sequence of the drama, but not the real PV.

  • http://akosikae.livejournal.com kae

    Sharing in the love for Bara no Nai Hanaya. I had this song on repeat for a week after finishing the drama. Wonderful

  • http://www.jay-han.com jayhan

    yeah, i also keep on listening to this song for a while.

  • nur

    really love the drama and the song…

  • http://www.jay-han.com jayhan

    Yepp, the drama is so nice and so do the theme song.

  • http://chintunglee.cn/ Lee

    I love this music very much!!!

  • matcha

    Hello, was searching for the lyrics for this song and chanced upon your site. Would like to thank you for providing the Japanese lyrics too. It isn’t easy to find original Japanese lyrics on the net, you know 🙁 (I just wanna copy and paste them to my iPod) People are always posting them in romanji only.. and Japan sites disallow you to copy off.. so, thank you very much! I enjoyed the drama alot too, one of my favourites.