36 cool katakana design fonts free download

36 cool katakana design fonts free download

There are many cool and creative Japanese Katakana design fonts out there designed by various font designers. Here I compiled a list of 36 cool Katakana font resources which is free for download to add to your Japanese fonts list!

Most of them you can directly type it while some of them you need Japanese IME standard keyboard. Although all of them are free for download, but be sure to read the terms of usage if the font is used for commercial. Scroll down to check out the 36 Katakana design fonts! Original font address and download links also provided too.

Direct input Katakana fonts

Urban StreetsLink | Download
Urban Streets

Donut ShopLink | Win | Mac
Donut Shop

Kana0816Link | Win | Mac

KusanagiLink | Win | Mac

Lovely CapsulesLink | Win | Mac
Lovely Capsules

NationalyzeLink | Win | Mac

CliperLink | Win | Mac

Chape01Link | Win | Mac

ButtonLink | Win | Mac

Type CantabileLink | Win | Mac
Type Cantabile

TypeBokanLink | Win | Mac

Astro 2.0Link | Win | Mac
astro 2.0

Tanrei 2Link | Win | Mac
tanrei 2

LVDC ArupinoLink | Win | Mac
LVDC Arupino

LVDC Sweet DaysLink | Win | Mac
LVDC Sweet Days

Ultra Comic FontsLink | Win | Mac
Ultra Comic Fonts

NikukyuLink | Win | Mac

Retro ParadiseLink | Win | Mac
Retro Paradise

AyakaLink | Win | Mac

Frigate KatakanaLink
Frigate Katakana


Daidoh Remix JKALink
Daidoh Remix JKA

Stampy KLink | Win | Mac
Stampy K

Stupid bug font Series Vol. 2Link | Win | Mac
Stupid bug font Series Vol. 2

Jackal_08_K02_KANAFLink | Download

ApolonLink | Download

QuarterLink | Download

KarugamoLink | Win | Mac


Japanese IME input Katakana fonts

HitsujigumoLink | Win | Mac

HariganezeLink | Win | Mac

ObakeLink | Download

idfont-012Link | Download

idfont-018Link | Download

idfont-020Link | Download

idfont-023Link | Download

idfont-026Link | Download

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  • http://www.gosammy.com Sam Lu

    Cool fonts! Do you know if they only support katakana only or do they have english type as well?

  • http://www.jay-han.com jayhan

    hi, i remember some but very less which also has English type, but most of them is just Katakana only.

  • weng

    erm…do u mind show me how to use it? thanks!!

  • http://www.jay-han.com jayhan

    it’s easy weng, just download the font and install it (Win XP: open Control Panel > Fonts, and then drag the fonts to install it).

    If is direct input, you can select the font and type it out straight away. If is Japanese IME keyboard required, you need to install the keyboard at “Text Services and Input Languages”, then only can use it. (If East Asian language is not installed, you need to install it from your XP cd)

  • http://c-chingz.blogspot.com chingy

    Omg thanks! I love it! XD

  • http://www.jay-han.com jayhan

    you are welcome! šŸ˜€

  • http://kiboard.com/ arman

    a nice add to my collections
    thnx again for the share jayhan!

  • http://www.jay-han.com jayhan

    glad to be the service šŸ˜‰

  • http://yuswina.blogspot.com ein

    OMG!! i wanna write my name in katakana and was struggling to find the fonts. You saved my day! its free and absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for the hard work! *hugs* i love it!

  • http://www.jay-han.com jayhan

    you are welcome!

  • http://weblog.netzgeschaedigt.de Mel

    Thank you very much for this awsome collection! šŸ™‚ It is so great!

  • http://www.jay-han.com jayhan

    You are welcome Mel! šŸ˜€

  • -Noel

    erm…..did you studied japanese?…….n how to write it using standart keyboard,btw nice collection of font…..thanks for sharing.

  • http://www.jay-han.com jayhan

    ya, i’m studying japanese right now.. I’m not sure what you mean by standard keyboard …

  • -Noel

    sorry for the confusion….what i mean is,i just need to install it and i can use it straight away,is that right.

  • http://www.jay-han.com jayhan

    hi Noel,
    yes, just download and install it and you can use it straight way

  • SukiSukiChu

    sorry to bother you but after you download it, i don’t understand because it opens in WinRar. Then also, when i opened control panel, i do not see any ‘fonts’ words.

  • SukiSukiChu

    hmm.. its ok, i found the fonts, but.. which one do i have to install? because there are alot of files in the WinRar when i opened it.

  • http://www.jay-han.com jayhan

    Hi, please check the file extension, normally a font file ends with .ttf, .otf, .lzh.

  • Vanida

    These fonts are sweet! Thanks a lot! ^^

  • akithoshi

    cant everyone teach me how to find abc in japan words.tq

  • http://li-ne-ar.blogspot.com Li Partic

    Wow… cool!! But I have to try each button to know what font that I want. This is not automatically change from alphabet to kana, right?

  • admin

    Hi Li Partic, no it won’t change.

  • http://snow-to-be.blogspot.com/ R3ve

    many broken links T.T

  • maarten

    so cool man! thank you, big time! ^^

  • deppe

    lzh…its not recognised in win 7…T_T
    How to install it?

  • http://www.jippyrinaldi.com Jippy Rinaldi

    Very useful. Thanks alot!!

  • http://www.labinterio.com Fume Hood

    thanks for sharing the greatest professional designs i will use these on my upcoming design
    thanks alot

  • http://www.svcars.net svcars

    nice font..thanks lot

  • http://www.hindustanshydro.com hindustan

    useful list of font

  • http://www.orchidcallacar.com orchid

    cool fonts.. thanks for sharing..

  • Cameron

    I’ve been looking over the weekend for a font that looks exactly like gau-kusanagi. But the link is 404. Is there any other source for it?

    • Jayhan Sim

      Seems like the link is dead

  • Jayhan

    test disqus comment plugin

  • vinprom

    Try this site http://fontsdir.com
    Over 85000 free fonts.

  • vinprom