Web 2.0 food and beverage logo inspiration

Web 2.0 food and beverage logo inspiration

We all love to eat and drink. Now with the blooming of world wide web, people are able to sharing food and drinks review, teaching and learning how to cook and communicate with other users globally. It is very exciting and convenient with this web cooking community sites. Well the logos of these sites are equally nice too.

Here I collected some of the web 2.0 food and beverage sharing community websites that has cute and good looking logo identity. Riding the web 2.0 trend, the logos are clean, simple and using bright colors to contrast from other web element. There is some incorporating cute food and beverage graphics into the logo, and many of them using bold and big size fonts to bring it out. Read on the see the logos and be inspired!

Eat in Tokyo

Tasty Planner


Serious Eats


Bake Space

Bottle Talk



Extra Tasty

im cooked

Open Source Food


Slash Food


Super Cook




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  • http://www.splitdadiz.com Polo

    The web 2.0 food and beverage logo are very cool because a lot of there are funny. I have already see the exellent logo of fomaee & cork’d but I don’t know the great logo of Tasty Planner & Eat In Tokyo, that a very cool thinks, thanks for the share (and really good picture for your article ;)).

  • http://www.jay-han.com jayhan

    thanks Polo, you have a great site too! šŸ˜€