Inspired by Nature: 27 websites with Wood

Inspired by Nature: 27 websites with Wood

Nature elements especially wood can be seen in many website design nowadays. The natural textures and shading of the wood surface and color can make a website looks rich in texture and green in feel. Even well known web designers like Alex Buga and Shane Seminole Mielke also used wood as part of their portfolio site design.

Wood mainly being used as a website’s background image, but there’s some other websites use wood for other purposes as well. It’s fascinating to see how different wood color and texture can give different feelings to enhance the design. However, this does not mean that simply using wood texture can make the design nice. Many other design elements like font, color schemes etc has to take into consideration as well, in order to be harmonic with the wood. Well, you can learn from the 27 good website designs that with wood.

Below are the 27 websites with wood. Click the image to link to the site.

David Hellmann

David Hellmann

Brand Neu Sense

Brand Neu Sense

Joe’s Crab Shack

Joe's Crab Shack

AIGA HI | 50

AIGA HI | 50



Art of Wood

Art of Wood


.authenticstyle. – Demo Tapes and Dreams - Demo Tapes and Dreams

Buffalo – web design & E-commerce

Buffalo - web design & E-commerce



Delicious Library

Delicious Library

Dřevo Durák

Dřevo Durák

Fingal Creative Communications

Fingal Creative Communications

Henry Jones

Henry Jones

Heron Dias

Heron Dias

|-||_|$|-| = Design, Direction, Animation, Production

|-||_|$|-| = Design, Direction, Animation, Production

ISO50 – The Visual Work of Scott Hansen

ISO50 - The Visual Work of Scott Hansen

…. Joe & Leo’s ….

.... Joe & Leo's ....

life in mono | a photographic journal of kalon edser

life in mono | a photographic journal of kalon edser

Lounge Lizard – Interactive Design Firm

Lounge Lizard - Interactive Design Firm

Mick Fanning – Official Site

Mick Fanning - Official Site

Stacy’s Pita Chips

Stacy's Pita Chips

…::: RUNKID v2.0:::…

...::: RUNKID v2.0:::...

Spike Productions

Spike Productions

Sully’s Design Studio

Sully's Design Studio



Vida Comunicação

Vida Comunicação

More wood inspiration:
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Wood resources:
Texture King – Wood – wood
Deviant Art – wood

References: The Best Designs | Design Link Database | | Web Design Index by Content

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