The irresistible AXE Effect!

The irresistible AXE Effect!

AXE (or Lynx in UK, Ireland and Australia), is a world famous grooming brand from Unilever. The product line includes deodorants, body sprays, shower gels and a wide range of seductive fragrances. Their marketing campaign is always exaggerating “boys get girls” or opposite sex attraction especially the AXE Effect campaign. It is very eye catchy, naughty, seductive and tonnes of sense of humor!

After applying Axe product on a men’s body, the seductive smell will immediately attracts a crowd of women flying towards you, this is the concept of the AXE Effect campaign. According to AXE, AXE Effect is the internationally recognized named for the increased attention AXE-wearing males receive from eager, and attractive, female pursuers. The concept is simple yet effective because it hits the male’s desire of wanted to be attractive to girls. Below are the showcases of some funny, well executed AXE Effect ads. Imagination is needed.

AXE Effect: Bathtub
Whose leg is that?

AXE Effect: Exit Sign
This is nice, the girls running crazy towards the male exit sign

AXE Effect: Toilet Sign
Female toilet sign climbing to get closer to the male.

AXE Effect: Angel
Even angel got the AXE Effect. Awww.

AXE Effect: Screws
Clever representation of male and female

AXE Effect: Sperm
Instead of many sperms and an ovum, clever!

AXE Effect: Steering
How did she get that steering mark? She must be…

AXE Effect: Tower
AXE Effect on the tower!

Above are some nicely done AXE Effect ads. For your information, AXE products was targeting to audience aged from 18 – 24. Their marketing campaign has been very successful and contribute the increasing sales of the products. According to USAToday, The brand – first out in France in 1983 – became available in the USA in 2002 and was a near-instant hit with the youth market, convincing men that clean-smelling bodies and armpits are more likely to make them more appealing.

AXE Effect: AXE Busters game

AXE Busters

This is a very interesting campaign in Japan on how AXE Effect is taking to the next level. Instead of print ads, now you can experience the AXE Effect through the very addictive interactive flash game called AXEBUSTERS! Because the AXE Effect is too irrisistable, every female is encouraged to put a AXEBUSTERS clip. But you as the player has to remove the clip and make them “surrender”, like picture shown above. It is really fun to play but a little Not Safe For Work (NSFW). And, please turn on the speaker too.

More AXE Effects

AXE is the world most popular grooming product and their marketing campaign has been very successful and won numerous creative prizes including 10 Cannes Lions. I first knew AXE brand was also from Cannes during year 2005, when I attend an event “Cannes Prediction” in Kuala Lumpur. To get to look more of AXE advertising including prints and video commercials, please visit the sites below:

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