5 unique free Japanese fonts for download

5 unique free Japanese fonts for download

Ever fancying of having some cool Japanese fonts instead of using the boring default system Japanese fonts? Well, you are in the right place. Here I found another 5 unique Japanese fonts that is free for download. Why another? This is because I wrote a similar post before which is “Cute Japanese font for download” and successfully helped people to find a more unique Japanese fonts.

It is quite hard to find free Japanese fonts and all the sites are written in Japanese, so if you don’t know Japanese but wish to view and download the fonts, please view my post about “3 smart tools to translate Japanese sites & words” to translate to English.

5 Unique Fonts

Aoyagi Kouzan (青柳衡山) – Link | Download TTF or OTF
Aoyagi Kouzan font

Anzumoji (あんずもじ) – Link | Download
Anzumoji font

Kiroji (きろ字) – Link | Download
Kiroji font

Uzura font (うずらフォント) – Link | Download
Uzura font

Azuki font (あずきフォント) – Link | Download – Regular | Bold
Uzura font

In order to use this font, assuming you are using Windows XP, you need to have Asian text languages and input text installed into your machine. Then you can go to Control Panel and double click Regional and Language Options. Then click the Languages tab and click the Details button. In the Settings panel, click Add, then find and select the Japanese Input Languages and click “Ok”. Now, Japanese input is in your input panel. Now, you can type Japanese characters in MS Words, Photoshop etc by selecting the “JP” at the Language Toolbar.

Credit: ocn.ne.jp

Update: This entry has been updated on 21 September 2010

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  • michelle

    Hi, thx a lot^^
    may i know how to type the 繪文字 in Azuki font (あずきフォント)?

  • http://www.ichotravel.com Sanjay Shrestha

    Dear Sir I want to free downloads of japanese language. please help to free downloads of Japanese fonts

  • Chuchi

    Thank you for gathering all these. Do you have any idea where I can “cute” Korean fonts as well?

  • torakiss

    i was actually looking for ways and sites download and am having a hard time understanding the kanji. T_T thank you so much for this~ it’s really a great help. keep up the good work!

  • alan johnson

    Hey really cool fonts. Perfect for my project. Quick question for you. Do the Japanese read from right to left? Or do they write from top to bottom in single file?

    • jayhan

      Hi Alan, if is written horizontal, then will read from left to right. But if is written vertically (top to bottom), then the sentences will be read from right to left.

  • jianhuey

    arigato gozaimasu for ur fonts,

  • oranges

    right. so for all the people who can’t find the cute symbols from azuki.
    sooo….here’s how:

    (for Windows users. please don’t ask me about mac)
    1. open up MSword. (yes, that would be a good idea)

    2. insert >> symbols. a box should pop up with a whole bunch of symbols.

    3. in that window:
    font >> azuki font
    subset >> box drawing
    from >> unicode (hex)

    4. scroll down (be patient)

    eventually they’ll all appear (roughly a quarter way through)
    hit the box with the symbol you want and click insert! (:

    • jayhan

      Thanks for the great tip! I also having hard time finding the symbols..

  • HokaHoka

    Thanks a lot its amazing!
    I love it! *CHU*

  • http://www.x2design.wordpress.com toyo syantoro

    thanks for shared your article.

  • くろしろ にん


  • http://music-is-my-outlet.tumblr.com/ christelle

    Thank you for sharing such beautiful fonts. I’m currently working on my blogs so I want to make it more fancy. I could also use it when I’m editing in photoshop. 🙂