Year of mouse, listen DE DE MOUSE!


According to Chinese Zodiac, 2008 is the year of Mouse (or Rat). Well when relating mouse or rat to popular culture, people might think of cartoon character Mickey Mouse, or last year animation movie Ratatouille or even classic cartoon Tom and Jerry for example. Now please add another member to the list, introducing the unique music world of DE DE MOUSE!

Quoted from, DE DE MOUSE is a Japanese Dance/Electronica artist from Tokyo. His musical output is closely linked to and often accompanied by matching artwork, helping to further carve out the respective musical theme. During live performances he relies heavily on the use of visual arts. His music can furthermore be characterised as having an oriental feel. De De Mouse has thus far released an album and an EP going by the names of “tide of stars” (2007) and “east end girl” (2007) respectively.

When talking about their music, you must not miss the Promotional Video too, here I embed the PV for Baby’s Star Jam, where this is the first song I listened from them. The moment the music starts, I got addicted to it. You can find a better quality version here.

How was it? Sound beautiful isn’t it. Quoting from the last conversation from their MySpace profile it says that “The musical piece that DE DE MOUSE makes may surely remind of something which is important which we have forgotten”. If can’t get enough enough of their music, below I embed another music player consisting some sample of their songs, but actually you can also listen to it at DE DE MOUSE’s MySpace too. I specially include the remix of East End Girl because it is just lovely.

What do you think about DE DE MOUSE music? šŸ™‚

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