IPSERVERONE, where is your logo?

IPSERVERONE, where is your logo?

I really don’t know IPSERVERONE has change the look of their site until today I clicked on their ad to check out what promotion they are having now. It’s loads a total new design and to be honest the design is badly done. The new design looks unfinished, and worse than their previous design. And the most important thing is, where is the logo?

Not sure whether they purposely done that or are in the middle of redesign a new logo, but certainly they are committing branding crime #1: Missing Logo. I know there is a “IPSERVERONE” logo text on the picture below, but that’s not serve the role as the identity of the company! That’s a silly mistake. Their existing logo is very nice and they should put it up as soon as possible!


As one of the premium web hosting company in Malaysia, in my humble opinion the look of the website has to be reconsidered. If I’m the potential customer, I might run away if I’m seeing this and go to other companies like this or this.

4 January 2008 update
Reader Deimos Tel`Arin has told his friend who work in IPSERVERONE about the issue I raised here, and told me that a new logo is being designed.

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  • http://ahkong.net/entrecarder/ Deimos Tel`Arin

    Ah? Really that bad har?
    I must inform my friend (ipserverone’s boss/founder) then.

    I have just shifted into his servers recently. ^_^

    Exabytes suxx0ckage lar.
    Downtime often. -_-

    Anyway, my logo is my face!

  • http://www.xiaoyenzi.com Apple

    I’ve forgotten how IPSERVERZONE previous design is, but it’s really unwise to miss out the company’s logo.

    Exabytes really that bad? I ever had the thought of signing up for an account. But now I don’t need any other servers anymore.

  • http://www.jay-han.com jayhan

    It’s not bad, but it shouldn’t be left out right? Logo is the image/identity of a company, it is very important to have there.

    @ Deimos – haha, your face is a eye-catchy logo!

    @ Apple – Not sure too, but I always think that they are good.

  • http://ahkong.net/ Deimos Tel`Arin

    Oh. Okay. True also. šŸ˜‰

    Thanks for the compliment. šŸ˜€

    @Apple, jayhan:
    Well, I dunno much about Exabytes myself, but recently I have heard complaints from a fellow Malaysian Blogger – TOLANIC @ POYOZER.

    I kept hearing him said that his server got problem, and a few days ago his domain was down for quite some time, about one day?

    For me, I cannot stand server down times.
    Add un-supportive technical support staff to that.

    So I left my previous web hosting company.
    Now I am under ipserverone’s care! šŸ˜€

    Deimos Tel`Arin the Cyber Demon Lord hath spoken

  • http://www.kiboard.com Arman

    Their previous design wasn’t bad, if I recall there got flash navigation

    anyway, my site is hosted by ipserverone too šŸ™‚

  • Tim R

    I’m based in the north of Scotland but my hosting company is in a small village in the Southwest of England (I’m sure the server is actually in a big air conditioned building in London though). The thing is about my guys is that I know the person I speak to by name, if it does go wrong (almost never) they will drop everything and fix the problem like they did this Christmas.

    They also have a terrible website – thing is, the day they stop taking care of the servers and spend a a bundle of cash on their website is the day I start getting worried!

    Tim R

  • http://www.jay-han.com jayhan

    haha Tim, IPSERVERONE is one good hosting company in Malaysia, but the face doesn’t justify this. or maybe I’m too picky on the design. šŸ˜‰

    and thanks for dropping your comment here, appreciate it šŸ˜€

  • BigShoe

    Ipserverone’s design definitely looks more professional and aesthetically pleasing than the other two you posted.

  • http://www.jay-han.com jayhan

    Actually it looks ok, but what I don’t feel ok with the absence of the logo, and the images used…

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