IPSERVERONE, where is your logo?

IPSERVERONE, where is your logo?

I really don’t know IPSERVERONE has change the look of their site until today I clicked on their ad to check out what promotion they are having now. It’s loads a total new design and to be honest the design is badly done. The new design looks unfinished, and worse than their previous design. And the most important thing is, where is the logo?

Not sure whether they purposely done that or are in the middle of redesign a new logo, but certainly they are committing branding crime #1: Missing Logo. I know there is a “IPSERVERONE” logo text on the picture below, but that’s not serve the role as the identity of the company! That’s a silly mistake. Their existing logo is very nice and they should put it up as soon as possible!


As one of the premium web hosting company in Malaysia, in my humble opinion the look of the website has to be reconsidered. If I’m the potential customer, I might run away if I’m seeing this and go to other companies like this or this.

4 January 2008 update
Reader Deimos Tel`Arin has told his friend who work in IPSERVERONE about the issue I raised here, and told me that a new logo is being designed.

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