Most influential people painting

Most influential people painting

Yesterday when I surf Popular page, there is an image got to that page and I clicked it, a huge picture appeared. It’s a magnificent painting consisting of most influential people in the world, I think had more than 100 of them. The influential people are from various fields, from politician, scientists to celebrities and sportsmen. While the background are combination of different historical places. This painting also created quite a stir in Digg.

Because of lacking historical knowledge, I only can recognize some influential people like Mike Tyson, Michael Jordan, Bruce Lee etc. Besides that I also curious on who painted this. So I googled “Most influential people painting”, and came across Painting of Influential Historical Figures with Image Mapping. Just rollover the figure and you will see the name of the people on the ALT text. Still missing some, so if you know the unidentified figure just email to the address stated on that page. Great effort and thanks!

By the way, who is the painter behind this great painting?

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