Entering the imaginative world of Aya Kato

Entering the imaginative world of Aya Kato

Aya Kato is a young female artists from Japan that has a great talents and skills in creating one of the most stunning and original artworks I have seen so far. Born in 1982, she studied painting by self-study and graphic design at the Aichi University of Education. She graduated in 2004 and started work as an Illustrator in 2005. Her works is extremely colorful and rich in details, and her level of imagination to illustrate out her idea is truly outstanding too.

In her wishes of work, it stated that “I want to wake up a lot of souls that the person is sleeping in the innermost recesses of the heart as much as possible by using my maximum imagination.” Besides, she also hope to use her artworks to connect people, and believes that wonderful world is born from love: Mind that loves neighbors. All people who live in the earth are neighbors.

Frog Prince by Aya Kato in 2003
Frog Prince – 2003

In her early works, it’s more to brownish, ukiyo-e styles of works and normally depicting a female character with huge imagination on hair illustration, fusing with the natural curvy lines of plants and flowers. Then her illustration was getting more colorful, vibrant and complex, incorporating more graphical elements into her artwork like flowers, lotus, waves, trees and leafs, as well as traditional Japanese architecture and outer space.

Her works normally long and rich in details, like a lot of things happen in an illustration but yet harmony and not cluttered. Sometimes she will give a title and story behind the artwork she did, and you can see all her breathtaking masterpieces at her gallery. Below show the screenshot of her homepage. I don’t know what exactly “Cheval Noir” means.

Aya Kato homepage's screenshot
Aya Kato’s Cheval Noir

Her works overall have strong Japanese traditional art feel, but also mix with other art styles. Schemamag describes her style as a mixture of “Art nouveau + manga + graphic design + ukiyoe wood block prints + baroque = AYA KATO designs“. The result is one truly unique expression of art. Her beautiful artworks also featured in many commercial works crossing many disciplines including t-shirt, CD cover, Iphone skins, and video animation and more. Check out her works for Hitachi at here.

Aya Kato’s works are truly amazing, it’s all I can say. My admiration for her.

CD art cover of Suilen
CD cover art of Suilen

Iphone gelaskins
Iphone Gelaskins

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