Oricon: Whom are you going to spend Christmas with

Oricon: Whom are you going to spend Christmas with?

Christmas is around the corner, and many people started to plan out their best Christmas celebration, and to celebrate with who. So, Oricon had conducted a survey targeting to audience from aged 10s to 20s on “Whom are you going to spend Christmas with?”. From the survey result, 25.2% of aged 20s male answered “lover”, however many responded with “alone” from 10s aged audiences due to busy preparing for upcoming exam.

On the 20s aged male that answered “lover”, a following questionnaire on “how to celebrate with your love one”, many of them still haven’t decided yet, while other replied “celebrate leisurely at home”, “going out having dinner” and many other celebration methods that is unique or simple, to spend the great moment with the love one.

Meanwhile, 20s aged females who answered “lover” has 21.2%, 4% lesser than 20s aged male. But, the teenagers that answered “lover” only have half the percent of the 20s agers, they are 10% for boy and 11.6% for the girls respectively.

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On another side from the survey result, many male aged 20s decided to spend Christmas time alone, which is 30.8% of all. Many same reason behind this is because they have to go work, especially people who work in servicing industry, those days are going to be busy day for them. While male aged 10s who responded with “alone” also high with 24.4%. Unlike the 20s agers, their main reason is have to study hard for the upcoming exam. This is true because according to Wikipedia, many exams are held in January and February.

Compared to answers like “lover (17%)” and “alone (19.4%)”, actually most of the people wants to celebrate Christmas with family with a whopping 36.9%. Comments like “to celebrate with family, eating cake together like a year before”, “excited to have a great dinner with family members”, “having a home party celebration with family and relatives” can be heard. Different celebration styles but cherish the precious moments with family members.

Below are the graph for better understanding. Well, how is your Christmas celebration? Is it going to be with your love one, or with family or alone? Looks like I’m going to celebrate Christmas with my parents :). Merry Christmas to all my readers!

Oricon: Whom are you going to spend Christmas with?

Survey info: Survey conducted on November 8 to 11, asking males and females from 10s aged to 20s aged, with 250 people each, 1000 in total through Internet.

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