Celebrate Christmas with J-pop

Celebrate Christmas with J-pop music

It is going to be a lonely Christmas celebration for me T.T, it has been like this for 22 years of my whole life. Fortunately I still have my best companion always by my side, and “she” is Japanese Pop music. During the Christmas celebration month, many Japan artists releasing songs and singles related to the wonderful Christmas Day. Here I collected some and share with you all :D.

There is 16 songs total in my Christmas J-pop playlist. Some of them are release this year, and some is older. Many popular artists sang songs related to Christmas or have Christmas feel for example L’Arc en Ciel, Namie Amuro, Ketsumeishi, Mai Kuraki, B’z and many more. Personally I think the Ketsumeishi’s song sounds the best. Continue reading to listen to the songs and more.

Christmas wallpapers download

Japan Christmas night wallpapers

Ever wanted to bring Japan Christmas night scene to your desktop? Here I found a great site Christmas night scene special 2007, containing many beautiful night scenes of Christmas decoration in many Japan big cities including Tokyo, Osaka, Hokkaido and many more. All I can about all the Christmas night scene? It’s very nice!

Christmas wallpapers by Hybridworks.jp

One of my favorite Japanese designer Masaki Hoshino, he has some great collections of Christmas themed wallpapers and screensavers, one of them shown above. Just go to his homepage to grab the goodies! It’s the 5th anniversary of Hybrid Works, can’t wait to see what surprise behind the “coming soon” thing.

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  • http://www.wayneliew.com Wayne Liew

    Thanks for the resources. I need a change of wallpaper and Masaki Hosino surely is helping me here. šŸ˜†

  • http://www.jay-han.com jayhan

    Merry Christmas Wayne Liew! šŸ˜€

  • http://www.xiaoyenzi.com Apple

    I’m still thinking if there’s some nice Japanese Xmas songs. Great resource for Xmas wallpaper. Thanks for sharing, dude.

  • http://www.jay-han.com jayhan

    no problem Apple!

  • tan_pang

    You celebrate your Christmas with J-pop
    But I will celebrate my Christmas with Classical Music……

    Long time didn’t listen to J-pop already. And my source for J-pop music is only from dorama… šŸ˜›

    Thanks for sharing the song and wallpaper!!

  • http://www.gosammy.com Sam Lu

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful music and wallpapers, it’ll be sure to help me get into the spirit on Christmas day.

  • http://www.jay-han.com jayhan

    yo tan_pang hisashiburi! be sure to recommend some nice Christmas themed classical music in your blog!

    and Merry Christmas to tan_pang and Sam Lu

  • tan_pang

    Haha, the music I listen always is powerful symphony… Like Brahms’s Symphony No. 1, Symphony No. 4; Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5; Shostakovich Symphony No. 5… and many more…

    so, if you really want Christmas themed music from me… very hard…
    anyway, I have posted some music piece recommendation in my blog, you can try to listen to the music piece that I recommend…

  • http://www.jay-han.com jayhan

    yeah, thanks tan_pang bro, long time din visit your blog and thanks for the recommendation!

  • MomRacha

    Hi, Every one I really happy and smile alone when i see your wallpaper,
    I want to be good friend with you all, I am Cambodian. Please reach at me by my mail: momloverachana@yahoo.com or by my phone: 092201284(Use in Cambodia)
    Good luck to every one and happy in this Christmas time.

  • http://philsu.tw philsu

    2008’s wallpaper is coming, thx for ur information!:)

  • http://www.comprarcialis.net comprar cialis

    merry christmas ; )

  • http://www.hiremymum.com.au Leigh

    Awesome, thanks.

  • deiondra (GA)

    all of u guys music rocks!!!

  • http://www.internetovehry.cz Online Hry Zdarma

    Last wallpaper is beautiful, thank you very much and merry Christmas

  • Dory

    Hello everyone , i just want to wish you a Merry Christmas :)….one last wish i want to say , please stop writing X-Mas , we will never accept shifting Our Christ with an X .. šŸ™‚ it our lord’s Birth … have a wonderful holiday

  • Lolly

    How can i download wallpapers from Hybridworks?

  • admin

    Hi Lolly, to download the wallpaper you have to go to his website. However the site was build in flash so it’s hard for me to tell you where is the exact location, so you have to navigate the menu to find out.

  • Maye

    Nice songs, and thanks for the site!!!~~~ ^_^

  • admin

    Merry Christmas Maye šŸ˜€