Creating cool push button in Photoshop

Creating cool push button in Photoshop

Recently I created a push button and I think it is quite cool and decided to create a tutorial here in my blog. There is quite a variety of styles of push button in the real world and the one I did here is more to gaming arcade push button styles. The final button design is shown above. What do you think?

Like my last tutorial, this tutorial also uses a lot of layer styling. To make the tutorial more understandable and effective, I include a starting working PSD, a final outcome PSD as well as the ASL working layer styles file. You can download it here: Push Button Tutorial Files. Just download and extract it, launch Adobe Photoshop and starts the tutorial!

Push button basic layer structure

Before proceed, let me show you the structures of the push button we going to create. There are 6 shape layers to construct the push button:

  • Gray Border
  • Gray Body
  • Button Shadow
  • Button Orange Body
  • Button 3D Highlight
  • Button 3D Shadow

Then, open the pushbutton-start.psd file, inside, you will find the all the 6 basic shape layers but without the styling. You can see that basically, all of them are done by using Ellipse Tool. Then, load the Push-Button-Styles.asl file into your Styles palette. By following the instructions written in the picture below, apply the styles respectively to all the six shape layers.

Push button basic layer tutorial instruction

After applying all the layer styles, you had successfully create a push button! I hope you all like the final result of the push button. Eventually you can check the final result at the pushbutton-final.psd file. Since it was a push button, I think it is better to include a pushed-in version, you can find it in the final PSD too.

Hope you like this tutorial, if there is comment or you have a better outcome, feel free to share it out here :D.

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