Drip like Jackson Pollock … with mouse

Drip like Jackson Pollock ... with mouse

Yesterday I stumbled upon this interesting website “Jackson Pollock by Miltos Manetas“. It was a blank white color canvas until I move my mouse over it. Magical happened, I start to drip painting like Jackson Pollock! I move my mouse crazily over the blank canvas and change color by clicking on it, a unique composition appeared. This is the most interesting flash drawing API I had ever play!

This interactive flash drawing was built by Miltos Manetas, a Greek born, Los Angeles based artist. By clicking the red heart shape at the top left corner, it reveals a small message said that this site is under a competition for Dazed Digital 50. Vote this site to support it if you like it. But there is another secret message hiding beneath it which I found it accidentally.

Drip like Jackson Pollock ... with mouse

By hitting the F5 key, it reveals another message together with Manetas’s signature. From the signature, it says that this site was built in 2003 and now I only discover it, really big thanks to the “Stumble!” button.

About Jackson Pollock

For people who don’t know him, Jackson Pollock an influential American painter and a major force in the abstract expressionist movement. His most significant style is by dripping the paint over the huge canvas that laid out on the floor. Because it involves a lot of actions and gestures movement, so putting the canvas on the floor is the best practice for him. Besides, he also uses industrial paints instead of acrylic because it was cheaper, together with hardened brushes and even sticks and basting syringes as applicators.

One of his significant artwork that I remember the most is “Autumn Rhythm” with the staggering size of 2.67m height and 5.26m width. I used this painting as my foundation essay material. Firstly I thought this painting is two-dimensional but my lecturer said that “Autumn Rhythm” has ambiguous space because of the size. It was so huge that makes the viewer as was part of the painting and the overlapping of the strokes also causing the ambiguous feeling.

Jackson Pollock is one of my favourite artist, bravo to him and bravo to this site too.

credit: Wikipedia

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