Typography + Ikebana = tenspace by WOW

Typography + Ikebana = tenspace by WOW

When the first time I watch animation “tenspace” by WOW, it was truely amazing! By mixing numbers ranging from 0 – 10 with ikebana, a Japanese art of flower arrangement to create out this masterpiece. The ikebana mainly illustrated by ink, giving a traditional ink and wash painting style, and sitting on the characters. Each set was presented with different approach as it giving a feeling that the conventional characters are growing out some beautiful plants.

Quoted from Dezeen, tenspace is a:

motion graphics installation done by WOW, a Japanese motion graphic company featuring animation of plants and typography. We’ve interpreted the space between each number in a countdown and present it to you in a physical space. Experience a virtual landscape featuring 11 digitally rendered ikebana pieces which draw you in as you speed through time. Clinging to the camera you race through three dimensions viewing each piece one by one.

Above are the tenspace animation, click to view it. The combination of Japanese traditional painting with western typography and putting them in animation it is something astonishing. The artwork is by Shun Kawakami, while illustration, suibokuga (ink and wash painting), drawing by Tadashi Ura and the photography by Taisuke Koyama.

After some research, I found out that there is still images for each ikebana and number combination but in black and white color. Plus there is poster for it too to promote WOW10 which is an art book with DVD published by WOW. To view the full series of the work, you can go to artless blog: ikebana for WOW10 and WOW10: Poster

tenspace still frame

tenspace poster for WOW10

picture credit: artless

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