Yui Aragaki – Heavenly Days

Yui Aragaki - Heavenly Days

On the 5th December 2007, sweet and natural popular idol Yui Aragaki has release her debut album “Sora”. The album consists of 10 soothing tracks including “Heavenly Days” and “Memories” which is the insert song and theme song of her movie called “Koizora” and “Koisuru Madori” respectedly. With her frequent exposure in various fields, Gakky appears as one of the biggest and most promising new music star right before the end of 2007!

According to a personal interview with her in Music Station in November, singing has been a dream of her. Well, I’m happy of her because it is a dream comes true! To come out with the best results, her dream was assists by many popular singer-songwriter including Tsuji Ayano, Ando Yuko, Toko Furuuchi etc. Besides that, she also participated in writing the song lyrics too. She has very pampered and soft voice, so her songs almost are comfortable and sorrow like “Heavenly Days” which I am introducing here.

Koizora & Keitai Shosetsu

Yui Aragaki in Koizora

As mentioned earlier, Heavenly Days is a insert song for a popular movie “Koizora” which was also acted by Yui Aragaki. Koizora originated from a famous digital novel on hand phone written by author Mika, based on her own experience. According to Tokyograph, The story revolves around Mika (named after the author), who falls in love with her classmate, Hiroki, upon entering high school. But over the course of the novel, she ends up suffering through many trials, such as rape, abortion, and betrayal.

The digital novel firstly appeared in December 2005, published on the popular cell phone site Mahou no iRando. It stays at the top position of the popularity chart because of its touching story that make many people cried. It quickly becomes a printed novel in October 2006 and sold more than 1 million copies in the first month of release. Now, it was been read and supported by more than 12 million readers. Keitai Shosetsu (ケータイ小説) or hand phone novel had become very popular and the Japan, and adaptation of hand phone novel to live action movie was the latest trend. You can read more about the “Koizora” phenomenon in Clast’s analysis.

Heavenly Days is touching

From the synopsis above, clearly shows that the movie is not a happy movie but a tough experience of a teenager love story, so the song “Heavenly Days” is also very sad and touching. From Japanese Wikipedia, it says that when recording the song, Yui Aragaki herself was getting too emotional and eventually cried. How I wish to watch this movie to get the real feeling of the song!

I had previewed the whole album already, it is a very nice album worth listening! The “Sora” album consists of CD+DVD (illustrated cover) and CD only version. The illustration on the cover of CD+DVD was drawn by Gakky herself too, like the one shown on the post banner on top. It is a lizard which is a pet of Gakky.

I like “Heavenly Days” a lot, it is very contradicting with the positive and sunshine image that always portrayed by her especially in Pocky CM. So listen to the song as well as the lyrics below!

Yui Aragaki – Heavenly Days

Lyric: 新原陽一
Music: クボケンジ

mezamashi ga naru maeni okite toki wo tomeru
omoida seruno wa mou nantonaku dakedo kimi no koto
ichiokubun no kimi ni aeta kiseki nankamo
itsunomanika wasure chaukana
wasureta koto sae mo kitto wasurete shimauno

heavenly days
mune no pocket no heya
kimi no kieta nukumori wo sagasu yo
mou nido to kimi wo omou koto wa nakutemo
mada sugoshi atatakai ano hibi ni kagi wo kakete

aruki tsukarete suwarikon de tohou ni kurete
kanawanai yume “unmei” toka futari nara ieta
kaisatsuguchi de ienakatta iitakatta
“arigatou”tte kotoba wa tabun
“sayonara” yorimo kanashii kotoba ni omouno

heavenly days
umaku waraeteta kana
saigo no kiss scene furueru kimi no te mo
nigi renakatta namida sae ochi nakatta
hitori pocchi ni nari imasara afuredasuyo

heavenly days
mune no pocket no heya
kimi no kieta nukumori wo sagasu yo
mou nido to kimi wo omou koto wa nakutemo
te wo nobashite mitemo koko ni wa mou inai yo
atarashii hikari no shita aruki da su yo

新垣結衣 – Heavenly Days

作詞: 新原陽一
作曲: クボケンジ

目覚ましが鳴る前に起きて 時を止める

heavenly days

歩きつかれて 座り込んで 途方にくれて
叶わない夢 “運命”とか ふたりなら言えた
改札口で 言えなかった 言いたかった

heavenly days
握れなかった 涙さえ落ちなかった
一人ぽっちになり 今さら 溢れ出すよ

heavenly days
手を伸ばしてみても ここにはもう居ないよ
新しい光の下 歩き出すよ

credit: Ayucrea

Bonus Translation:

I turn off the time to wake up before the alarm clock ressounds
I don’t know why but I can already remember you

I wonder if, before I know it, I’ll forget
even the miracle of being able to meet you for one hundred minutes
Will I end up forgetting even that I’ve forgotten?

Heavenly days, in the room in the pocket of my heart
I look for your vanished warmth
Even if there’s no way to feel you ever again, ah
I’m locking up those days that are still a bit warm

Tired of walking, I sat down and was at a loss, if you were with me
We could have talked about something like our unbearable dream’s fate

I couldn’t say it by the ticket barrier, I wanted to say
That I feel “Thank you” are maybe words
much sadder than “goodbye”

Heavenly days, I wonder if I could smile properly
At the scene of our last kiss, I couldn’t even
grasp your shivering hands, not even my tears fell, ah
Now that it’s too late, they overflow when I’m alone

Heavenly days, in the room in the pocket of my heart
I look for your vanished warmth
Even if there’s no way to feel you ever again, ah
Even if I stretch out my hands, you’re not here anymore
I’ll walk on under a new light

Credit: jslyrics

Extras: Watch PV via Veoh | Special Interview on Oricon

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