15 more Hirano Aya pretty pictures

15 Hirano Aya pictures courtesy of Bomb.tv

It’s been a while, here are 15 pictures of the pretty and talented Japanese idol Hirano Aya! I get to know her because of my forum friend Igorism who his blog entry about Hirano Aya had deeply poisoned me. I am not sure why I admire her, but it is going to be her multiple talents. She is a seiyuu, she sings and she plays music intruments, not to mention her cuteness and sexiness!

Hirano Aya (平野 綾, born October 8, 1987) from Aichi Prefecture, Japan, is a seiyū (voice actress) and J-pop singer who has had roles in several anime, visual novels, and TV commercials in Japan. Her popularity was increased significantly thanks to her breakout role as Haruhi Suzumiya in The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. She also did other voice over characters in several animes like Nana (as Reira) and Lucky Star (as Konata Izumi).

15 Hirano Aya pictures courtesy of Bomb.tv

Because I am not very into Japanese Anime, so I had no chance to listen how is her voice in those animes. However, I listened to some of her songs and especially the song “Cosutte! Omai Honey (コスって!オーマイハニー)” where she use her anime style voice to perform it. The song is very cheering and cute! Her other songs like “Neophilia” and “Breakthrough” also pretty decent too.

Hirano Aya’s appearance is changing from cute to sexy recently and her photos taken were quite unique and cool too, and having a lot of textures around. Just like the pictures I’m sharing with you today. Thanks Bomb.tv for such nice pictures. Feel free to save the whole pack consists of 15 nice pictures of her at the end of this article. If you hunger for more of her pictures, you can visit my previous post Hirano Aya 1st Photobook “H Stairway to 20″.

15 Hirano Aya pictures courtesy of Bomb.tv

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Credit: Wikipedia | Copycat2u forum

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