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These few days I had been collecting websites and blogs that talks about Japan, and the result is a lot! Maybe because it is so much to talk about Japan like entertainment, interesting stuff, trends, tech, designs, culture and many more.

Well, I successfully collected almost 30 sites of them, so just glance through all of them and pick the sites you like, bookmark, subscribe to RSS or delicious them. With all these sites, you can know Japan even better. This is going to be a long post.


News, Lifestyle, Tech, Entertainment, Trend


Blogs on Japan

RSS, Culture, Funny

Welcome to Blogs on Japan. Here I hope to share with you some of the best/interesting articles relating to Japan. Be aware, some links are NSFW (not safe for work).



Consumerism, Media trends

Clast is a bilingual blog created by Diamond Agency to analyze contemporary consumer and media trends in Japan. The word “clast” means literally “a fragment of rock,” and we see our mission as breaking down the extremely complex systems of Japanese market culture into easily-discernible parts. At the same time, however, we also hope to break down misconceptions about the market that have buried their way into the conventional wisdom and provide a new perspective based on a multi-disciplinary analytical approach. Reaching consumers requires an accurate portrait of their world, and clast aims to draw that picture in vivid detail.


Danny Choo

Anime, Culture, Toys, General.

What is this site about?
– A mix of Gundam, figures, anime, otaku and Japanese culture brought to you by Danny Choo (me) who resides in Tokyo Japan.
– The contents of this site seems to be popular based on the average of 10 million page views per month generated by an average of 50,000 daily unique users.
– This site is also occasionally featured in the Japanese press such as on TV and in magazines/newspapers.
– I also write tips on living in Japan (buying a house, working etc) and blogging tips (how to earn money through affiliating, discoverability, SEO etc).
– Occasionally write posts on how important it is to have a destination in life and remain focused.


Digital World Tokyo

Gadget, Gear, Tech

Digital World Tokyo is a fully independent, not-for-profit site founded on a core of all things techie and good coming out of Japan.

We cover everything from the latest Japanese cellphones and robots to the kinky vending machines and twisted tech habits that make this fine nation what it is today.


Japan Blog

Culture, Entertainment, Geek, General

Welcome to Japan blog! Join us on a fascinating journey and let our blog give you a unique and interesting glimpse of the land of the rising sun.


Japan Probe

Interesting, TV, Culture

We have created this site to act as a blog-based reservoir of information, entertainment, and news on the more interesting aspects of Japan. Some of the material we post will be of our own original creation, and some of it will be submitted by others or linked from other sites on the net.

Some of the stuff we post may shock or offend certain people. We haven’t created this site to bash Japan or spread false stereotypes about the Japanese. The content of this site does not necessarily reflect our personal opinions. Our goal is to create a site that allows users to read interesting things about Japan.


Japan Sugoi

Entertainment, Idols, Lifestyle

A sugoi (cool) site about Japan. We’ve searched for the best video clips about Japanese Music, Idols, Celebrities, News and Lifestyle for your entertainment.


Japan Zone

Entertainment, Culture, Travel


Japanese Streets

Trends, Street, Fashion

JAPANESE STREETS provides the latest information on current trends in Japanese street fashion, general fashion and street culture in general and offers an online community for people interested in these.



J-pop, Drama, Movie, PV

It’s a blog about the OsO fascinating Japanese Culture. From Anime to Jpop, and from Drama’s to food.


Jean Snow

Design, Art, Culture

A guide to Design and Popular Culture in Tokyo



Reviews, J-pop

What we are about is the promotion of Japanese products…

We don’t directly sell you the products, but we feel like it is necessary to enlighten you guys of the quality of Japanese materials. What we do to help you out with your Japanese product purchases is, we go around and find things from Japan that look interesting on the web, in the stores, or just from friends and try them out. After trying these products out, we review them and post our opinions on this site. These opinions are here to help you guys make an informed purchase.

Sometimes we end up wasting our money, other times we make a great find. But, we spend our money so you can find and buy things that you’ve read about. Things that we review are Japanese music, anime, manga, TV shows, food, and drinks. It’s all about pleasing the Japophiles.


Kilian Nakamura

Research, Trends, Media

Japan Trends, Trend Research, Trend Tours, Online Shop, Business Development, Tokyo, Shibuya

Japan is the most innovative and trendsetting country in the world with a great and still undeveloped potential for European companies. Japan’s Automotive Industry is the No.1 worldwide. Japan is the leading innovator of electronic appliances and gadgets. Japan is the birth place of the gaming market and boasts with the most advanced Mobile Communication Industry. It is well-known for its Media, Manga/Anime, successful TV shows and series etc.


Mainichi Daily News

News, Waiwai, Culture

MDN continues its 85-year tradition of delivering hard hitting Japan-related content. The infamous “WaiWai” column continues exposing secrets revealed by wild weekly magazines, and feature stories about traditional aspects of Japan serve as a tasteful offset.



Social, Culture

We have taken the name Néojaponisme as a convenient rubric for our pursuits. This is not a revival of that specific Japonisme visual design style of the 19th century (now often construed as “Neo-Japanesque”), but we do indeed identify ourselves as impudent inheritors of the original Japonisme spirit. We too are non-Japanese inspired by Japanese culture, and we too hope to advocate Japanese products and creative culture that may have been devalued or ignored in Japan.



Art, design, trend, interviews

PingMag is an online design magazine based in Tokyo. Defining the term design as broadly as we can, PingMag writes about ideas and inspiration coming from both world class designers, and from the little store on the corner. We look at everything; product design, packaging, architecture, web design, typography, illustration, photography, fashion, programming, graphics, video, art, toys, traditional crafts, graffiti, set design…. anything, in fact, that we consider inspiring and we think will excite you too.


Pink Tentacle

interesting, art, tech


Plastic Bamboo

gadgets, trends

Plastic Bamboo, named after the phenomenal Ryuichi Sakamoto/YMO tune, is a place where you can keep up with latest stuff (how focused!) from Japan. This site is still in its infancy, and will hopefully grow with your support.



General, Culture, Photograph

First off my name is not Taro. Q-Taro was taken from the comic Obake no Q-Taro which this site doesn’t have anything to do with. I just happen to be able to purchase the domain name. I’ve taken some gifs from the comics and used them here and there (Don’t tell anyone)

This is a personal website and I write about stuff that interests me. All the experiences I write about here are 100% true and really did happen (except maybe a couple). I don’t use my blog to create an online persona to fill any void in my life. Those voids are alive and well, thank you very much. I don’t really expect anyone to read what’s written here but hope you find it interesting anyway. If you disagree or are offended by anything, well too bad. I try to keep the content light and don’t feel a need to write about politics or anything of depth that requires brainwork.



art, design, fashion, music, and multimedia

SHIFT is an online magazine which translates international information to Japan and Japanese information to overseas, mainly featuring world creative cultures such as art, design, fashion, music, and multimedia. It mainly covers creators/artists’ activities by interview, event report, book review, etc, in a bilingual form (English/Japanese). Launched in November 1996.



Entertainment, music, art, culture, movies, games

SparkPlugged is a blog about “Asian music culturetainment”. More clearly, the site focuses on topics regarding Asian (mostly Japan/Korea) entertainment and culture and specializes more so in information about music from those respective markets.


Tokyo Art Beat – TABlog

creative, design, art

TABlog’s writers and video reporters deliver regular reviews, features and interviews to stimulate discussion about all sides of Tokyo’s creative scene.


Tokyo Cube

Fashion, lifestyle, tech

Tokyocube was founded in 2005 from a growing need for fresh and fun online information on the ever-more fashionable Japanese lifestyle, as well as tailored services directed at both Japanese and English clients to bridge the gap between the two nations.


Tokyo Mango

Interesting stuff, gadgets,

Everything you ever wanted to know about the birth city of Godzilla, Gundam, all-you-can-eat shabu shabu, panty vending machines, and me.


Tokyo Times

General, bizarre, photograph

generally covers slightly odd Japanese news


Trends in Japan

Trends, Fashion, Entertainment

Trends in Japan is a site that introduces the latest developments in Japanese business, entertainment, fashion, science, society, sports, and more through short, engaging dispatches. The aim of the site is to deepen understanding of Japan around the world.

Trends in Japan is part of Web Japan, which is sponsored by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) and operated by a Japanese nongovernmental organization. Articles presented here are offered for reference purposes and do not necessarily represent the policy or views of the Japanese Government.
Everything you ever wanted to know about the birth city of Godzilla, Gundam, all-you-can-eat shabu shabu, panty vending machines, and me.


TV in Japan

TV, entertainment, weird

This is what TV is like. In Japan.


世論 What Japan Thinks

Research, Culture, Interesting

From kimono to keitai; research Japanese facts and figures through translated opinion polls and survey


Basically there it is. The sites that will make you know more about what Japan is. Actually there is way a lot more Japanese related sites and blogs, but obviously I can’t list them up here all. If you hunger for more Entertainment stuff, perhaps you should see my previous post “6 sites that Jpop fans should subscribe“. Thanks.

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