Fight Fat! – keep yourself fit & healthy

Fight Fat!

Obesity is one of the serious issues out there as human are getting fatter and fatter! Well, people nowadays are too lazy to go for a exercise and having a bad eating habit lifestyle, which lead them to overweight problems especially the kids. Being overweight is no good, because it brings a lot bad effects to body for example high blood pressure and more. So we have to use the power of advertising to warn people about the seriousness of overweight problem by having a better eating lifestyle and go exercise!

The award winning ad shown above is one good example of using effective image and straight forward copywriting. It shows a healthy fit man fighting with the fat version of himself. The tagline is just a simple “Fight Fat”. I think it is very making sense because we always says that to keep fit is by fighting the fat! This is an advertising to promote kick boxing for Xtreme Martial Arts. There is another two variation shown below. By the way, the ad was done by Malaysian.

Fight Fat!

Other examples

Get up and run - VIP Gym
“Get up and run – VIP Gym” (The poster was glued on chairs in restaurants and cafes close to the VIP Gym)”

This is one funny and interesting ad, by moving out from the conventional media and get closer to interact with audiences. This is how your butt look when sitting on a chair for long time. So, get up and do gym!

Time for Silberman's Fitness Center 899-9501
“Time for Silberman’s Fitness Center 899-9501”

You are getting way too heavy until the billboard couldn’t be correctly placed. Please call the gym for appointment! šŸ˜€

Suica Diet
“Suica Diet”

This is one ridiculous diet ad from anything-is-possible Japan. Take a look at the before and after figure, Before = 41.023kg, After = 40.903kg. What? Just 100g difference! Maybe in Japan, every gram counts.

Slim Fast
“Slim Fast”

This is an outdoor ad where two dimension is used. From front, it looks fat, but from side, it looks fit with the product hold on hand. This could be memorable and I think it is quite interesting concept.

Slim Fast
“Eat responsively. Obesity leads to stroke, hypertension, breathlessness, diabetes, heart disorders, and many more life threatening diseases”

From here, what I can see is a delicious burger. The message is good, the cross above the burger is not obvious enough and the burger is misleading. I suggest to make the cross 1000% bigger to make it the main attraction of the image, plus, make the burger looks ugly.

Fight fat not fight thin

Now, lets us take a look on this issue with another perspective. There is a type of people who think that to look good is to be thin! So to be thin, they eat lesser and lesser and starve everyday. Actually in reality they already look very thin, but in their own eye, they feel that they are still fat, and wanted to get more thin. The sad poster below shows exactly how they think.

Support for people with eating disorders
“Support for people with eating disorders.”

The poster here tells us that, to look good is not by being thinner and thinner, but a healthy body! Perhaps they are influenced by the ultra thin supermodels that poisoned them. But now, many fashion shows are not allowing anorexia-look models to do catwalk which I think this is a good move.

Final word

Your own body is the most important treasure of yourself, so you have the responsibility to make them look good and healthy. So, start doing exercise and junk those junks!

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