Yui Aragaki debut songs preview!

Yui Aragaki debut songs preview!

Can’t believe nowadays, many idols to start their singing career, for example Sawajiri Erika and now Yui Aragaki! But instead of debut single, she will release her debut album named “Sora” on December 5, 2007, which contains a total of ten songs including “heavenly days” and “Memories”. You can listen to the song preview right here!

Besides, she will have her first live performance at Nippon Budokan, in front of 10,000 fans. According to Tokyograph, Gakky is only the third artist (and first for female idol) to debut at the Nippon Budokan. She is preceded by TOKIO in 1994 and rock singer Michiyo in 1997. The song “heavenly days” is the insert song for movie Koizora (恋空), while “Memories” will be the theme song for movie Koisuru Madori (恋するマドリ). Yui Aragaki acted in both of these movies.

Both of the preview of the songs are soft ballad and emphasize on the sweet and soft voice of Yui Aragaki. I think the song suits her voice well and it actually sound not bad. You can listen to the preview of the song below.

What do you guys think of her songs? I think with her refreshing image and sunshine smiles, her debut will be a success! 😀

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