9 Japanese designers’ flash portfolio that you should see

Japan are one creative country with diverse culture and design movement. Some are going for cute, some are experimentalist and some are towards form and function. Here I present you 9 Japanese designers’ portfolio site which all are built by using flash that everyone should take a look and be inspired.

Masaki Hoshino – hybridworks.jp

A portfolio of a graphic designer Masaki Hoshino. He is very good in designing icons, wallpapers and pixel art. His work is fine and the detail is amazing. The layout is functional and note that you can switch the layout style too, which is very cool!

Masaki Hoshino - hybridworks.jp

Toshiyuki Kuwabara – toshiyukikuwabara.com

When you enter the flash site, the huge character on the right side should attracts your eye. I like the pink and black color scheme.

Toshiyuki Kuwabara - toshiyukikuwabara.com

Taichi Ito – Tarnica.jp

An online portfolio for freelance designer and illustrator Taichi Ito. His works are cute and colorful! Kill that bear on the scroller haha.

Taichi Ito - Tarnica.jp

Atsushi Watanabe – atsushiwatanabe.com

Strong traditional Japanese culture feel portfolio.

Atsushi Watanabe - atsushiwatanabe.com

Masayuki Kido – roxik.com

You should play around with his head, very funny!

Masayuki Kido - roxik.com

Wakame Kouichi – rinnel.com

Another good looking portfolio which utilized the space well.

Wakame Kouichi - rinnel.com

Junichi Kato – cmd9.com

I featured this site before because of the interesting 3D menu. Pro flash designer!

Junichi Kato - cmd9.com

Takumi Yoza – 0043.org

His illustration is pretty interesting. Navigate the page with three main content buttons and the page will slide up or down.

Takumi Yoza - 0043.org

Takashi Okada – okadada.com

This is his experimental personal works. I’m wondering how he did those animation. You can see his commercial works at hybridgraphics.com.

Takashi Okada - okadada.com

Well, basically this is it. I will add more interesting Japanese designer’s flash portfolio if I seen any. By the way, if you hunger for more good looking Japanese flash sites, you can check out this website unou+.

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