How to spot a Johnny’s Jimusho members?

Johnny's members disguised!

Johnny’s Jimusho is a factory of talented good looking boys, and their influence in Japan are huge. There are many popular artists and groups produced in Johnny’s Jimusho crossing music, dramas, movies and performances. Their names featured in many websites but have you ever wonder why all the pictures of Johnny’s Entertainment are altered or replaced by other pictures?

It’s a great honor if a boy successfully entered the Johnny’s Jimusho. But Johnny’s is a company that have strict rules in portrait rights. Johnny’s members portrait images is strictly prohibited in the official websites of dramas, movies or magazines which they participated. Normally their portrait will be replaced by an object or by shadow or an altered portrait image.

Kuitan and Kuitan 2 examples

In Nobuta wo Produce‘s correlation chart partially shown above, the portrait of Yamashita Tomohisa and Kamenashi Kazuya were replaced by pig image. While the portraits of Johnny’s members in Kuitan were replaced by vegetables, however in Kuitan 2, it shows their altered portrait. Shadowed image example you can see it at this TVnavi magazine. On the web, it’s shadowed but the real printed one is not.

There is another example of spotting a Johnny’s members is by looking at the credits. In Nobuta wo Produce, the two Johnny’s members name is stated with the group they actively in. Or if the member is from Johnny’s Junior, then he will be labeled “Johnny’s Jr.” besides his name. This is one unique scene in Japan!

Johnny's members' name with the group they actively in

Credits: ThePPN | Wiki Chinese

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