Idol 01: Sawajiri Erika

Idol 01: Sawajiri Erika

I found that idol posts get quite a lot of clicks so I decided to make this Idol series. Every in a while, one Japanese Idol will be featured here, with some details and personal feeling on her, as well as her lovely pictures to share. And for the very first edition, Sawajiri Erika is in the spotlight!

Some of you guys might already knew, Erika created some bad impression with her “Erika-sama” attitude during the Close Note movie premiere. She was just out of situation and showing her bad mood clearly. And this created a huge reactions on the Japanese media, because this is something that they don’t want to see. Finally, she apologized but the bad impression on her can’t be forgotten in short time. You can read more about this in JapanSugoi post entry.

Well, everyone has bad mood sometime. But, for a popular young actress like Sawajiri Erika, this is very unprofessional. But I do hope that after this incident, she will learn the lesson and be more friendly next time! We want to see the good image like what she showed in “1 litre of tears” drama.

Enough said. Below are some Sawajiri Erika’s pictures, wonder what she was thinking? 😛 For more pictures, please visit

Sawajiri Erika

Sawajiri Erika

Sawajiri Erika

Sawajiri Erika

Sawajiri Erika

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  • Renge

    She is lovely. ^^
    Yet, i stil havent watch “1 litre of tears”.

  • Djavu

    She is a beautifull girl,, ohh… i love her,, when she act in “1 litre of tears” she looks so perfect,, Kawaii!!!!!
    Good Luck 4 u Erika!!!
    From Your Fans In Indonesia

  • mr-smiley

    yeah erika is so cute and i luv her cute eyes,kawaiii hehe,go go go!!!

  • yagami_ds

    I love her!!! I wanna marry with her!!! Kawaii!!

  • ezequiel

    sos todo un cañon

  • pablo


  • Nadiy

    Wow.. i want marry her

  • Ikeuci Yuan

    sawajiri erika is so cute..I have been watch 1 litre of tears, you are so perfect.
    I like your smile,,,
    chayoo erika..

  • Ivan Indonesia

    Since first i watch “1 liter of tears” i cant replace her of my mind

  • Dindra Indonesia


  • cHarmmY kiTTy

    hi your so very cute. . .you looks like horikita maki…

  • cHarmmY kiTTy

    your movie “1 liter of tears is very inspiring” . . .

  • cHarmmY kiTTy

    hi. . . . . . . . . .

  • mieko

    omg! she’s really a babe…so cute & adorable~

  • nisihkido ryou

    used to be cute,shouldnt act cool..u all,hot question,anyone know about her weight?plz reply my letter..for almost 20 blogs that i checked,there is no one shows her weight…nishikido ryou,which is acting as asou haruto in 1 litre of tears has 53 kg,so i wonder about this erika’s weight..more lighter,right?

  • nishikido ryo

    no one can beat her beauty

  • mario

    what a fantastic looking woman?

  • carlos peru

    hace poco vi la novela 1 litro de lagrimas y me parecio espectacular. y tu eres la japonesa mas linda que he visto xD almz bye bye

  • carlos peru

    eres tan angelical que pena que estes casada plop XP

  • Aya Lover

    suay mak mak!!! beautiful!

  • Julian Nguyen

    co ay that dep

  • Julian Nguyen

    I love Erika