Breast cancer awareness mouse pad

Breast cancer awareness mouse pad

This post is in conjunction with the Pink For October Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign. According to Wikipedia, breast cancer is the 5th most common cause of cancer death in the world. In 2005, breast cancer caused 502,000 deaths internationally and among women worldwide, breast cancer is the most common cancer and the most common cause of cancer death. This shows how serious breast cancer is.

Breast cancer happens when the breast cells grow uncontrolled, and breast cancer is not a women thing, because it could happen men too. So how to prevent it? Answer is pretty clear showed by the mouse pad above: by doing breast self-exams regularly.

For me, prevention is the best medicine. Get your lifestyle healthy, stop smoking, do exercise, keep yourself in shape and do self check up regularly like how frequently you hold the mouse (similar concept). Studies show that regular breast self-exams, combined with an annual exam by a doctor, improves the chances of detecting cancer early.

Click here to get the full detail and bigger view of the mouse pad. I think this is quite effective to aware people on breast cancer by going out of the regular TV and print media.

Other effective breast cancer awareness ads

In my opinion, there are two big elements to a successful breast cancer awareness ads: impactful, straight to the point visual and delivers important message to audience. The ads below are some good examples which 2 of them were Made in Malaysia, kudos.

Breast cancer awareness ad 1
For 90% of breast cancer there is a cure that does not leave signs. Prevention.
Contribute to the fight against breast cancer.

Breast cancer awareness ad 2
To find out if you have breast cancer, press your breasts against these pages.
Surprisingly, a discharge from the nipples can also be a sign of cancer. Often, it leaves a pale yellow or reddish stain on the bra. Other signs include a rash, lump and dimpling of the skin. Breast cancer affects women of all ages, so it’s best to self-examine your breasts regularly and see your doctor for a mammogram. To know more, call The Breast Cancer Welfare Association at 03-79540133 or visit

Breast cancer awareness ad 3
Remove a breast or save a breast, which one do you prefer to read? Definitely the short one.

Click on the picture for bigger ad view. All credits goes to Ads Of the World. I added up a new category called “Nice Ads” because I will start to write some nice ad posts in my posting loop. Stay tuned šŸ˜€

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