Ebihara Yuri – the pro smiler

I forgot how I get to know her, but I think is somewhere where there is a news about the trendy icon is no longer my idol Ayumi Hamasaki but her. I do some picture search about her and I found out that she is pretty! And her name is Ebihara Yuri (蛯原友里).

Yuri Ebihara little profile

Yuri Ebihara or nickname ebi-chan is one of the toppest model in Japan and her popularity is high. She was born in October 3rd 1979, in Sadowara, Miyazaki Prefecture. Before getting into modeling, she was studying fine arts in Kyushu Sangyo University and graduated there. She got her first exposure when she won an audition for TV advertisement for Zespri Golden Kiwi Fruit.

Then she was active as model for trendy magazine “CanCam“. In there, she has her own special column called “Ebi-chan OL”. In there, she post model with various cute style Office Lady outfits, which makes her gain popularity among female universities students and young Office Ladies. The fashion that she wear in the magazine often became an instant sellout.

As mentioned earlier, Ebi-chan is her well known nickname. However, newspapers and television often drop the appellation Chan, and called her “Ebi” directly. She also has other callings like yurippe (ゆりっぺ), ebi (エビ), yuri-chan (ゆりちゃん), and ebiyuri (エビユリ).

Ebi-chan the pro-smiler

Actually, Ebi means “shrimp” in Japanese. This has been used by McDonald’s Japan to promote their fried shrimp burger. Having she with her trademark smile, and holding the ebi-puri in her hand, the burger looks so tasty and delicious. Her posters are well known for being stolen from McDonald stores. There is a dedicated site for this burger, just click here to visit.

She also is a campaign girl for Fujifilm Fine Pix ranges of digital camera.The camera has this unique feature called “Kirei Navi”, I think is something like auto face detection. Until now she already promote a lot of the Finepix digital camera line, and everytime a new campaign comes out, the official sites will release some wallpapers available for download. The picture shown above (sorry for the cropping), is one of the best smile she can pull out.

When she takes away her lovely smile, she actually looks gorgeous and feminine too, especially on her appearance for Shiseido’s Maquillage products shown above. With all the mature looking make ups and dressings, she is just a wonderful looking woman. Ebi-chan is just looks good in both occasion. She also did a lot of campaign for other companies and brands but I won’t touch it here.

But just now I surf around the CM Campaign done by her and I found this “Kaon” from Meiji Seika shown below, she looks drop dead gorgeous! The eye is so seductive, this reminds me that she has a pair of beautiful eyes besides the trademark smiles.

Yuri Ebihara wallpapers

Now, let the picture do the talking! I posted up some her pro smiler wallpapers preview as well as the archive of her wallpapers that I collected until now, almost 40 pieces and resolution is either 1024*768 or 1280*1024. Enjoy!

Download: Yuri Ebihara wallpapers (17.11MB)

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