Yasutaka Nakata’s remix is HOT

Or shall I say cute? Recently I was keep listening to his works. Starting from LIAR GAME Original Soundtrack to Suzuki Ami’s “FREE FREE” single. His remix is very nice, and I like it very much! He has great talent and skill to play with electronic instruments mix with Japanese urban/pop/cute rhythm.. or people call it Picopop.. I don’t know how to explain it, but you have to listen to his remix to understand what I mean!

Actually when the first time I watch LIAR GAME drama, I don’t know the soundtrack is done by him. Indeed the soundtrack sounds really good. The mood, the music fits well to the story. I can say that, if without this soundtrack, the drama will lose 50% of its tense already.

Next is Suzuki Ami’s “FREE FREE/Super Music Maker” single. That time I still roughly to get to know his name, because this single’s spotlight is Suzuki Ami going sexy. I give myself a try on the single and it actually sounds rocking good! The disco/pop tune is catchy and it instantly become one of my most frequently played music.

The moment I get to know him is when I listen to Perfume’s “Polyrhythm” single, because it was produced by him. He is really good in mixing the electronic music with cute female vocals, thus produce the unique cute electro pop. With my curiosity, I googled him and found his profile at ThePPN, quoted below:

Nakata Yasutaka (中田ヤスタカ), born February 6th, 1980, is a Japanese musician, producer, and DJ best known for being one half of the duo capsule, which he produces. He has also gone under the stagenames “Lounge Electron” and “Tokyo Rhythm Shift” for contemode V.A.

Nakata began the contemode label in 2003; nearly all of the artists he actively produces are on this label.

So, besides all this, he also did collaborations with other artists to produce remixes for them for example, Leah Dizon’s first album “Destiny Line”, the final track “Koi Shiyou” remix is done by him and much more. This really shows how famous is he right now. Below, I posted up his “FREE FREE” remix works via the great 😀 imeem. By the way, his recent works for COLTEMONIKHA is not bad too.

You are the man, Yasutaka Nakata!

other works
Perfume – Polyrhythm [listen]
LIAR GAME ost [listen]
A big list of Yasutaka’s works [listen]
Another list [listen]

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