Google celebrates 9th birthday

Today early in the morning, as usual I open up the Firefox browser and it loads Google homepage. I saw something different. Yes, it’s the logo! The small “g” transformed into a “9” indicates its 9th anniversary with sweets below. Happy Birthday Google! If you want to take a look on the previous anniversary logo iterations just check out google’s blog.

I always like the Google’s Holiday logos, a little iterations or add ons can really make my day šŸ˜€ and creativity can sparks from there. Just click on the link above to check out other nice holiday logos. Previously they also have a special Google logos to honor the author Roald Dahl who wrote the “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”.

If you are interested on who’s behind all this doodles, his name is Dennis Hwang from Korea. Read this post to know more about him.


4 October 2007 – Today, another Google celebration logo is spotted! Google is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Sputnik 1’s launched to space. Sputnik is an unmanned artificial satellite that was launched by Soviet Union.

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