Autumn J-drama preview!

Time passing so fast, the ever exciting summer season J-drama line up are going to end this month! I personally found that this summer season is packed with a lot of nice dramas, as I watch 7 of those. All of them are just nice but “Papa to musume no nanokakan” will be my first choice if you ask me which I enjoyed the most.

The next season drama will start on October. Tokyograph has posted a nice preview on the upcoming autumn season dramas, click here to take a look on the line ups and which stars is acting in. I can say the line up is huge and I spotted some nice dramas that I would like to watch.

The dramas are:


I pick this because of the cast. After a long “goodbye” to drama, Fukuyama Masaharu is back by taking the main role in this drama. His last drama was back in 2003. I missed his j-drama works and I so happy that he is back. In this drama, Fukuyama plays the mystery-solving physics professor Manabu Yukawa (also known as “Galileo”), whose intelligence and good looks are offset by his eccentric character. He is contrasted by his partner, the rookie detective Kaoru Utsumi who acted by Shibasaki Kou! Another huge star. Fukuyama Masaharu + Shibasaki Kou = must watch 😀 .

Iryu 2

This is the sequel to the medical drama “Iryu,” which topped Oricon’s satisfaction survey for the spring 2006 season. I missed the first season, because the title and the hospital based storyline does not attracts me. But some of my j-drama friends said that the drama is very nice so I gonna to watch this season 2. “Iryu” series is originally based on a manga by Taro Nogizaka and Akira Nagai. Kenji Sakaguchi returns with most of the main cast – the biggest change is that Izumi Inamori’s character is gone, while Yuki Uchida joins the show as a medical journalist.


I look at the casting of this drama, it makes me want to watch this too. “Dream☆Again” j-dramas has three stars that I like, one is everyone favorites Takashi Sorimachi (GTO), cute sweetheart Ai Katoh (Umizaru) and Under 15 big star Shida Mirai (14 sai no haha). And the story is quite interesting too.

This original series stars Takashi Sorimachi as the pro baseball player Shunsuke Ogi, who is forced to retire after a shoulder injury. He continues to train in hope of returning to the game, but a sudden accident leads to his death. God decides to give him a second chance, placing his soul into the body of another man – a wealthy fund company manager – but adjusting to his new life isn’t easy…

Interesting isn’t it. There is a few j-dramas that caught my eye too. Which is “Yukan Club” starring Akanashi Jin and Junnosuke Taguchi from KAT-TUN. The story is pretty special too. Another two would be “Mop Girl” starring Keiko Kitagawa and “Utahime“.

That is six dramas in total. Guess it will be another busy season for me hahaha. And what is your selection?

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