Sawajiri Erika & Yui Aragaki – the most wanted face

A face is the most important aspect of a person’s physical characteristics, especially female artists who are in Japanese Entertainment Industry, because a good looking face, can leave a good impression by everyone. Besides the good look, healthy skin and great smile is both equally important too. According to a recent research, shows that now the Japanese females are paying more interests and attention to the look of the face.

Due to this trend, audition magazine “Monthly Debut” (Oricon Entertainment) recently conducted a survey “It’s all about the face”, and asking 1000 woman on “Which female celebrity face that you would like to become (なりたい顔ランキング)”. The result shows that Sawajiri Erika and Yui Aragaki has the most favorite face.

Sawajiri Erika & Yui Aragaki tops the chart

Today, the entertainment industry is full blown with young actresses, but is Sawajiri Erika who shines above all and take the number 1 spot. Reason for her is “face skin is clean, the shape of the face is also pretty”, “Erika’s face feature is clear, after all are beautiful!”, “Although the face festure is clear, but the nose is never gone too high”.

Plus she was elected because of her exotic appearance, like what she showed in her recent commercials like Sony Ericsson and Meiji, as well as her latest “ERIKA2007” Photobook. On the other hand, opinions like “She gives both beautiful and lovely impression” can be heard too, due to her fusion appearance of purity and sexy looking, plus with deep emotion is all the secret behind her popularity.

Another artist that shares number 1 spot with Erika is the up and rising Yui Aragaki. The comments are “She is cute and her smile is refreshing”, “As what I saw in Drama, her face is really cute! Her smile is adorable too”, “I think she has the natural cuteness” and “she has the face that will melt everyone’s heart, no matter is a guy or a girl!!” With this, she is everyone’s favorite. Her freshness brought her to the absolute popularity of good impression.

The top 10 gallery

While Aoi Miyazaki who is lovely in Nana the movie takes the 3rd place. Meanwhile she gets top spot in the universities students category, while Yui Aragaki is first in High School category. The full ranking are show below with their pictures along. All I had to say is the artists who make into the chart has great looking face, and this also shows that they are popular too.

#1 – Sawajiri Erika

#1 – Yui Aragaki

#3 – Aoi Miyazaki

#4 – Nagasawa Masami

#5 – Karina

#6 – Ayumi Hamasaki

#6 – Leah Dizon

#8 – Ebihara Yuri

#9 – Ayase Haruka

#10 – Matsushima Nanako

#10 – Shibasaki Kou

Note: The survey is run from August 6th to 9th, asking 568 high school students and 432 college and universities students (total 1000) and come out with this result.Credits: Tokyograph | Oricon

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  • Shawn Lim

    Hi, Shawn from The Millionaire Secrets here.
    Just drop by to say HI to my idol, ERIKA SAWAJIRI.
    She’s pretty, she’s cute.

    Nice post!

  • jayhan

    Hi Shawn, how do you do? 😀

    Thanks for visiting. Yeah, Erika is one great idol, despite all the gossips/scandals behind, I still find her adorable.

  • tan_pang

    “but the nose is never gone too high”

    I think her nose is higher than her forehead… haha

    WHY??? why Nagasawa Masami only No. 4?? I really hope she can get No. 1……
    and another person who I hope can get No. 1 is Leah Dizon… she is very pretty and sexy… 😛

  • jayhan


    different people different taste mah :P. All of them are pretty!

  • igor_is300

    I love both Erika and Yui !

    Not forgetting Nagasawa Masami for her cuteness !

  • jayhan

    Yepp, they are all good and lovely!

  • Andrew

    Hi, I found your blog via Google while searching for young actresses and your post regarding Yui Aragaki – the most wanted face looks very interesting for me.

  • mr-smiley

    i have a comment,y?,masami didnt get the rank top 2,hehehe,kawaii…..

  • Marissa

    I think Horkita maki has a prettier face than from 3rd on…
    my opinion! but i think yui , erika and leah all have pretty faces.
    the others dont stick out too much for me, but they’re very beautiful as well 😀

  • erlangga

    absolutely leah dizon is the best.. ^0^

  • May

    Yes, she’s very pretty, but, I’m love to Erika

  • erikaPI

    i think erika is the best…
    she have many talent…
    she is prettier than yui aragaki…
    erika have great skin, nice bdy, great act, the best smile…
    ERIKA, BANZAAAIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • keenan

    shibasaki kou is the best

  • hadi

    nagasawa masami is the best among them

  • nisihkido ryou

    hey,i sure that more people in the world will say that “sawajiri erika the most prettier
    person above”juz watch “1 litre of tears”.she play role as a girl that has a weird disease called “spinocerebellar degeneration”.a very cruel became the most popular drama in japan at the past.. she got several awards for the drama..
    it is also made her very famous.haha what a perfect girl…
    Sawajiri Erika,ganbatte!!

  • nishikido ryo

    erika is the number 1!!

  • Sam

    Huh . . . these girls all look so similar, I’d have thought most of these pictures were of the same one person if different names weren’t provided. Must be all that plastic surgery.

  • Kuro_killer

    Yui’s smile lights up my world. She is my number 1 always.