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Yesterday, I stumble upon a website and found it very interesting and decided to share with you here. The website is called LittleDeviant xD. When I first visiting this site I never know it is a viral site for Scion, a very creative minded car brand. The site was developed by branding agency ATTIK, to promote the new 5 door xD Scion with a very unusual way.

This flash based site presents a gothic digital novel/video game, “Book of Deviants,” that opens to reveal a pop-up world. The animation is fluid and animation is creepy but fun. Then, you have to going through chapter by chapter to wipe out all the boring Sheeple who makes the city lifeless and gray with a character “Little Deviant”. The Little Deviant (xD) is driving a Scion, and it requires the user play a small game to control the xD to kill the Sheeples as screenshot shown below. I’m using mouse to control the xD’s hand to slash the sheeples, haha.

For every sheeples you killed, their blood will go into a container located on top left of screen. When it’s full, the blood is being used to produce Scion cars in different styles, colors, vinyls and the world become colorful again! No sheeples in the city anymore! Hooray! After that, the website finally shows a big Scion car and more interactive stuff to mess with.

First, you can create your very own xD Scion car! The options is pretty a lot, you can paint it, change rim, adding vinyls or even text. Those text and vinyls can be resize and rotate too! After you satisfy playing with it, you can print it out to fold it as a paper xD. After that, you can watch the xD movies, that’s 9 in total. Besides, you can even upload your own picture and edit it by putting xDs around you or adding text like what I show below. It is a very fun experience.

having fun to customize the xD Scion

watching the movies

Adding some xDs to your uploaded pictures

Overall the presentation is unique and does not related to car at all. According to ATTIK’s creative director Simon Needham, “Everything in this campaign conveys the message that the character of the xD is a little bad-ass. We use a contemporary animation style, and some very unique elements, to spin a narrative in a way that we feel is bound to entertain our target audience and bring smiles to their faces – driving interest in this model and gaining even more brand recognition for Scion.”

“In typical Scion form, we tend to go against the grain and be more irreverent; we don’t mind being bad. The whole thing is just about establishing the car as a little deviant, and we want to bring out the deviant or naughty side of our audience.” he added. I think he is succeeded and I damn enjoy this site! I always think that Scion is a very creative brand, the cars are unique so do the marketing campaign. I think many youngsters who hunting for cool stuff will be attracted by this.

Feeling exciting? Just head up to to try it out! Have fun!

Credit: Ad-titude | ScionLife

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