Japanese kaoani & emoticon

Sometimes, small little things could cheer you up and help you communicate your feelings better. Introducing the Japanese Kaoani and Emoticon. In this cyber age, people using Instant Messaging has a lot in this world to chat…share feeling. But this emoticon can make your messaging even more cute and lively. Those emoticon can even appear in Japanese handphone text messages (saw a lot on dramas)! Their sms is really advance.


Kaoani is combination of two words, which is kao (face), and ani (animation). And their format is gif, since they have to move, jumping around. Most of them are cute. They can express both good mood and bad mood, hahaa. Below are some sites that has example of kaoanis.

1. The world of Kaoani
2. Kaoani msn icons emoticons
3. Kaoani 10000

Emoticon ヾ(^∇^)おはよー♪

I firstly known Japanese emoticon through a popular drama “Densha Otoko”. I was very impressive about the ASCII art (or Shift_JIS art) and the emoticons they used. Because of the emoticons is 2-byte, so you no need to tilt your head to read it, and the emoticon has way more expressions because they have more characters to do it. Basically just use whatever that can represent eye, mouth, hand etc.

Example of a popular emoticon:

I found a great reference site of compiling the Japanese emoticon which shown on screenshot above. That site has a lot! Some of them are cute! Plus this site showing the Japan’s top 30 emoticon.

That’s all. Hope you enjoy it! Use it on your IM, chat room etc. Cute stuff.

Actually, I did a kaoani too, click here to view 😛

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