Tips to get your favorite jpop lyrics

My lyrics post actually get quite a lot of clicks over the net, and some of it at the first page of google search. I feel very happy about this because I can help people to find the song lyrics they like as well as promoting the goodness of Japanese songs.

I received some request to help find the lyrics. I would like to help but I have not enough time to do it (And somehow I can’t cover all Japanese songs :P). So, I write out this post to help you to get your favorite jpop lyrics.

Method 1: Jpop lyric sites (romaji)

I googling around with the keyword “jpop lyrics” but most of them is too outdated, unless you want to search for older songs. JpopLyricsStation is quite a good site to find older songs’ lyric, both romaji and kanji. I still remember back in the days I bookmarked this page and now it’s still there!

1. CherryBlossom Garden – Consider this is a new-age Jpop lyric website. Best in town and covers a lot of artists and songs. Sadly it just updated to March only. Upload more lyrics, tanomu!

2. Mognet – Another great source for jpop lyric. What so good about this site is it provides kanji, romaji and translation of the lyrics posted. Their lyrics database is expanding. Great job buddy! (4 Oct 07 added)

3. CoriChan – This is another good site, pretty up to date.

Honorable mentioned: RandomFlowers

Method 2: Ask uncle Google!

Yes, Google is the fastest and easiest way to get your favorite jpop lyrics. For example you search the song and stumbled upon my site :). There’s so so many other sites that provide the same too. If is popular artists like Ayumi or Otsuka Ai etc, you can find their lyrics easily, especially on their fan created forum, sure will have the latest lyrics and maybe with translation as well. For example, AyumiHamasakiSekai and Channel Ai.

Method 3: Search by using Japanese

Sometimes, search by English will not giving the desired result, so you need to use Japanese instead. But by searching the title and artists is not enough, you need to add some other keywords like: 作詞 (lyricist), 作曲 (music),or 歌詞 (lyric). By this it will speed up your lyric finding process. and today I found a great site of Japanese lyrics database which is: Very up to date and most important, the lyrics are selectable (Many other sites are embed the lyric inside flash, sigh). I think I’m gonna rely on this site a lot.

But, if you don’t know Japanese, and don’t type Japanese what to do? Maybe you can use websites like, Oricon, or even thePPN to get the Japanese keywords you want.

Tutorial 1: Translating Japanese to Romaji

I would like to share with you how I get the romaji lyrics. The trick is through this site: Kanji Converter. You think how I get the lyrics for GReeeeN’s album? I’m not Nihongo expert and thanks to this site, for turning impossible to possible.

Because it is a converter, so it won’t give you 100% accurate conversion. So I suggest is after converting to romaji, running through the song again together with the lyric and edit the wrong part. Then you will have a more precise lyric.

Tutorial 2: Storing lyrics

I’m assuming you have the mp3 for the song. Now mp3 has quite advance ID3 tag, which will store the songs info and even lyric. Or, you also can use iTunes or WMP to store the lyric into the mp3 which is much easier.

Well, that’s about it. I giving all the tips to you guys already, and I hope you find this guide useful and find your favorite Jpop song’s lyric with ease next time! 😀 Be sure to bookmark this page (list of social bookmarks below) for future reference and I might update this post with more tips in future! 😀

P.S: If you have other great suggestion, feel free to leave your suggestion below!

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