4 interesting flash clocks

A clock is an instrument for measuring time. Clock can be any format such as clock tower, wall clock and watch either in analog or digital presentation. Clock plays and important role in human life to inform you about time, or to remind you to do something. Sometimes clock can be interesting and fun to watch too.

Flickr Time

As title, this clock is Flickr based. Before seeing this page, you need to enter two keywords so that it will find the relevant pictures from Flickr and displays as clock. This is one example of mash-up and it was designed by designer Hiroshi Tazawa. Outstanding!

Industorious Clock

This is a pretty hilarious clock. The clock ticks by erasing the numbers and write a new one, then erase and write a new one….endless process. Imagine people doing this is real world. Created by Yugo Nakamura. Thanks because it gives me a good laugh when first saw this.

Human Clock

This is quite a nice clock. The clock numbers is build by using human body formation. Somehow it looks pretty photoshopped. Haha, nevermind but creative indeed.

The Timeline

This is more than a clock. It shows date, month and even year. This looks pretty cool despite the simple looking interface. Design by InsertMonkey.

Looking for more? There ya go. Head on this site which provides you a cool clock for download as either screen saver or desktop widget. I’m using the screen saver for my office’s computer and it actually attracts some attention.

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