Orange Range cover art

I love Orange Range‘s songs a lot. I like their Okinawa style of music that is very unique, happy and alive. Besides that, I also like their CD covers too, especially their earlier released singles, because it always has a creative way to blend their logo and using the orange as subject matter.

As mentioned earlier, Orange Range is a Okinawan rock group. Okinawa is a very beautiful island and great for summer vacation. So their music was also very summer feel and sunshine! Their early stage of cover arts have these feelings but the cover art later on is not very catchy in my opinion especially their recently released best albums (consists two “Orange” and “Range“, it just look like a cheap photoshop copy and paste, quite dissapointed the first time i saw…

Well, below are some of my favourite Orange Range cover art.

Kirikirimai. A wrestling look alike mask implemented onto orange.

Shanghai Honey. The title suggests chicks. So the cover also perfectly reflected this. Haha, orange wearing bikini, funny!

Viva Rock. Viva rock, Orange Range style!

Rakuyou. Rakuyou means setting sun, so orange is used to replaced the sun.

Michishirube ~a road home~ (sign post). Crop circle of Orange Range logo. Quite an emotional song.

Hana. This is my most favorite cover art so far. Orange skin resemble flower and the song is quite sad so a tears is depicted with the logo on it. Catchy!

Onegai! Senorita (Please Lady!). The title suggest that lady are dominating, so they can do heavy lifting easily and smack on your face! haha.

Kizuna (Bonds). Another great song with a nostalgic feel. The cover looks like a very old photo with some childhood playground and notice the Orange Range logo is on the ground.

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