JUNE – You and Me

Today, I want to introduce a nice ballad called “You and Me” by JUNE. This love ballad illustrates the feeling of JUNE’s unrequited love of his first love, which now he is still can’t forget about it. With this memory, he wrote out this song with his truth feeling.

Actually, i know this song through PV, because my favorite idol Kaho was in it. In the PV, Kaho acted as a girlfriend, who can’t speak and hear, of a boy who loves to sing with his guitar. They fall in love and have happy moment together but the boy wants to pursue his singing dream and he had no choice but leave the girl. He was uncertainty for a moment “should i just be with her…or chase my dream?”

Finally they arrived at the train platform. The boy step into the train, and the door closed. Through the window glass, the girl said “Ganbatte….Mata aimashou?” (Please work hard and we shall meet again?). Finally the train leave… In the train, the boy found his guitar plectrum in his pocket and there is message leave by the girl. It says “I can hear you” which led the boys into tears. Awwww, the song is very sad and beautiful.

JUNE and co.

This is JUNE’s 3rd single, which released on the July 11th. JUNE is a Korean and he is just 20 years old! Since small he was influenced by music genre’s like RnB and soul, which developed him into this kind of emotional singing style. Well Korean are famous of their real and outstanding love song singing style, no wonder my sister also said that very Korea feel when first time heard.

For me this is the third person I knew that a male solo Korean sings Japanese song since K (who sings “Only Human”, theme song for 1 litre of tears) and RUI (“Sayonara3”, Rondo theme song). All of them sings very well and I definitely like this song. To know him more, log on to his official site or ThePPN. Read more to get to listen to the song as well as lyric!

JUNE – You and Me

Lyric: JUNE/Kenn Kato
Music: JUNE/福山泰史

sunao na kimochi fui ni kika re ta
kayoi nare ta kaerimichi
keredo omoi no tada hitotsu mo
ie nai kurai bukiyou de

surechigau sono wake ni
yureru kono kokoro ha kitsuke naku te

kitto kimi wa yasashi sugita
boku ni kakushi tsuduke ta namida
Oh You and me
demo koko kara inoru yo hitori
sono atarashii shiawase wo

yamikumo na hibi tsumetai beddo ni
taorekomu yoru ni omou
imagoro doko de dare no yume wo
ano itoshi sa de mitsume teru

hitamuki na sono mune wa
kono boku no koto nado wasure teru ne

kitto, boku ga yowa sugi ta
kimi o mamoru jishin ga naku te
Oh you and me
dakedo ima mo kawara zu
kasuka na hikari o mitsume tsuduke teru

tomadoi nagara
hanase nai yume to kimi no me ga
toikake te kuru
boku ha doushita in da?
hontouha doushita in da?
ima mo wakara nai yo You know?

kitto kimi ha wakatte ta n da
hakari ni kake rare nai mama no
For you and me
boku no tame ni eran da sayonara
sono yasashisa wo wasure nai

So you and me todoka naku te mo
kono omoi dake ha tsutae tai
For you and me
dakara boku ha kese nai
kimi no kioku wo daite
utau yo

JUNE – You and Me

作詞: JUNE/Kenn Kato
作曲: JUNE/福山泰史

素直な気持ち 不意に聞かれた


Oh you and me
でもここから祈るよ ひとり

やみくもな日々 冷たいベッドに

ひたむきな その胸は

Oh you and me

いまもわからないよ You know?

For you and me

So you and me 届かなくても
For you and me

Watch June “You and Me” PV here.

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