Surf in another dimension?

Screen are flat, normally what we see on the net is just a flat piece of info. But there is designers that breaks that boundary. They want the viewer to experience that actually you are in the virtual 3D web space which create the illusion to viewer. These websites are outstanding and inspiring just like M. C. Escher‘s drawing partially shown above.

The websites listed here are powered by Flash, and they are range from 3D menu system to the whole 3D web environment. Please enjoy!


The menus are dynamically positioned in 3D brick like format, cool.

LAB | Mathieu Badimon

One word. Awesome. Feel free to drag the slider to have some cool angle.


Maybe you will wonder, how he build those weird rotating menu?? Well, me too.


i discovered this site long time ago, and is one of the most impressive website for me during that time. Speechless 3D menu system.


This sites menu is walking fun! Try the 3D mode!

A Rhythm of Lines

This is a microsite for Audi. It allows you to interact with the web and illustrate out the rhythm of line. Very experimental of design, I like it.

Leo Burnett

By using the big pencil to navigate and “going into” the sub menus.

RPA: Rubin Postaer and Associates

Come here to experience the 3D timeline of this site. Pretty cool.

*August 10, 07 Update

One hour

This is a very inspiring and educative flash site by Toshiba about environmental awareness. The menu resembles human’s DNA structure. Moving and mouse and scrolling the mouse scroller to control the menu. Not very friendly but innovative. Nice background music thou.

Final Words
There’s is another flash site to share, it’s not a portfolio nor micro sites, but a fun flash games. Click here.

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