GReeeeN – Ai Uta

I first heard this song over Animax’s Music Station last week, so I give myself a try to listen to it, and I think it is a nice song! GReeeeN (Hide, navi, 92 and Soh) is a four member Japanese group from Koriyama city in the Fukushima prefecture. They made their debut with Universal Music in 2007. Currently they are the medical students in University which intended to become a dentist. Due to this, they did not show their faces during group activities.

GReeeeN’s debut song “Michi”, the lyric is simple and meaningful, plus the strong melody captured many hearts of youngsters. They are very good in writing the truth to your love one’s heart kind of lyric, accompanied by beautiful melody which makes their songs a truly great one. Everyone that heard GReeeeN’s song will start to think of their love ones, automatically.

A song of confession

While this song “Ai Uta”, is a song that supports you to go confess to the girl you like. In the limited edition, there is a “Special Gift Package” which the CD jacket acted as love letter, together with a pen and envelope. With this, a person can write the message on the letter and give it to the person he or she wants to. Then they can listen this “Ai Uta” together and shares the moment. How romantic wasn’t it? The PV of this song is very touching too!! Besides that, this song once gets 2nd spot in Oricon Single Ranking and now still in the chart. Plus this song been downloaded 1,800,000 times. SUGOI!

GReeeeN logo

Actually not just the song is nice, their logo is nice too. Because they study dental course, this reflected in the logo too. The “greeeen” word resembles the teeth, I think the four “e” means the 4 members, together with a shiny star. Cool. Read more to listen to the song with lyric.

GReeeeN – Ai Uta

Lyric/Song: GReeeeN

‘nee, daisuki na kimi e’ warawa naide kiitekure
‘aishiteru’ danante kusa ikedone
dakedo kono kotoba igai tsutae ru koto ga dekinai
horane! mata baka nishite waratta yone

kimi no eran da (michi) wa (koko) de yokattanoka
nante wakaranaikedo…

tada naite waratte sugosu hibi ni
tonari ni tatte ireru koto de
boku ga iki ru imi ni natte
kimi ni sasagu kono ai no uta

‘nee, ano hi no bokura nanno hanashi woshiteta?’
hajimete atta hi ni yosoyososhiku
arekara iroiro atte tokini wa kenka moshite
wakari autameno toki sugo shitane

kono hiroi bokura sora no shita deatte koi woshite itsumademo

tada nai te waratte sugo su hibi ni
tonari ni tatte ireru koto de
kimi to iki ru imi ni natte
kimi ni sasagu kono ai no uta

itsumo meiwaku wo kakete gomenne
mitsudo koi jikan wo sugo shitane
bokura futari hibi wo kizami
tsukuriage tekita omoi tsunori
hetakuso na uta wo kimi ni okuro u
‘mechakucha suki da!’ to kami ni chikao u
korekaramo kimi no te wo nigitte ruyo

boku no koe ga tsutsuku kagiri
tonari de zutto ai wo utau yo
toshi wototte koe ga karete kitara
zutto te wo nigiru yo

tada arigatou ja tsutae kirenai
naki warai kanashimi yorokobi wo tomoni wakachiai ikite yukou
ikutsumono yoru wo koete
boku wa kimi to ai wo utaou

GReeeeN – 愛唄

作词/作曲: GReeeeN

だけどこの言葉以外 伝えることが出来ない


ただ 泣いて 笑って 過ごす日々に
隣に立って 居れることで
僕が生きる 意味になって
君に捧ぐ この愛の唄

初めて逢った日に よそよそしく
あれから色々あって 時には喧嘩もして

この広い僕らの空の下 出会って恋をしていつまでも

ただ 泣いて 笑って 過ごす日々に
隣に立って 居れることで
僕が生きる 意味になって
君に捧ぐ この愛の唄

僕ら2人 日々を刻み

僕の声が 続く限り
隣でずっと 愛を唄うよ
歳をとって 声が枯れてきたら
ずっと 手を握るよ

ただアリガトウじゃ 伝えきれない
いくつもの 夜を越えて
僕は君と 愛を唄おう

Bonus Translation

“To the person I love most” Listen for a moment without laughing
Although saying “I love you” is kind of corny
Those are the only words I can express
See? You’re laughing at me again

I can’t say if you were right to choose this path with me, but…

Just being able to be next to you
as you laugh, and cry, and spend these days
becomes my meaning in life
This song of love I dedicate to you

“Hey, what did we talk about that day?”
We acted like strangers the day we first met
After that, a lot happened.. and at times, we even fought
We spent that time in order to understand each other

Underneath our wide blue sky, we met and we fell in love forever

Just being able to be next to you
as you laugh, and cry, and spend these days
becomes my meaning in life
This song of love I dedicate to you

I’m sorry for always causing you trouble
We’ve had a lot of quality time together
The two of us, carving out the days
The feelings we created grow stronger
I’ll send you a clumsy song
Let’s pledge to God that we’re crazy in love
I’ll be holding your hand from now on

For as long as my voice lasts
I’ll sing my love by your side
As we age, and our voices start to wither
I’ll hold your hand forever

Just saying “thank you” can’t begin to express these feelings
Let’s share our tears and laughter and sadness and excitement and live on together
As we get past countless nights together
Let’s continue to sing our love

Credits: Bonjovial

I found another English translation by Mognet – click here

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