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Everything needs identity. For human, we have name as our basic identity. In medieval era, heraldry was used as identity, which now is still visible in modern world. For companies, brands, society etc, they need a logo as identification. Logo is important because it represents the company to the world. So logo has to be eye catchy, unique yet easy to remember.

Designing logo can be fun, but actually it can be a painful process too. I can struggled easily during the logo design development. You need to do some research, or look into other logos to get design inspiration. So here I compiled some sites that will help you to get inspiration.

1. Logo Galleries

My first choice of logo inspiration site. The website is clean and easy to navigate.

“The tastiest logo gallery ever!”

Another logo gallery site. Not as friendly as LogoPond.

2. Web2.0 Logo Galleries

Perhaps the biggest listings of web2.0 directory with their logos as displays. No.1 choice!

Another web2.0 logo gallery. More simple approach.

More Web 2.0 Inspiration!
400 Web2.0 Logos – compiled by Lutwig Gatzke.
The Logos of Music 2.0 – courtesy of Rocketsurgeon.
The Logos of Web 2.0 – Popular & inspiring articles by FontShop.

3. Logo design further reading & guide

Complete Logo Design Guide
An extensive and complete logo design guide.

Logo Design Trends 2007
11 trends that will define logo design in 2007.

Logo Design History – famous logos by Logoorange.com
Logo design guide – Step by step tutorial on designing a logo from white paper. Recommended reading.
Brands of the World – Logos in EPS format for download. FREE!

Here is the list. I hope this can benefit and aid you to design a better logo!

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