Crop Circles goes 3D?

Recently I read the newspapers about a new crop circles appeared at Wiltshire, UK. Report said that this circles was unique because it has 3D elements in it. Because the pics at newspapers does not clearly shown how 3D it was, so I go to Internet to check and “wow”! It was really 3D! It depicts a corridor-like graphic, and the vanishing point is at the center of the circle. More angles here.

I had been fascinated about crop circles since small. It was something like mystery mix with inspiration, mind-boggling creation. The mysteries of crop circles was still remained unsolved, although I watch several documentary about crop circles are actually made by human. But, from the old circles, now actually some of them is very huge and mathematically precised superb beauty circles! I wonder human actually can do that? Some more is have to do it overnight (prevent being catched)? Who knows.

Below are some collections of crop circles. If you ask me which I like the most? Yes. It’s the first one below: the great Milk Hill crop circle.

This is definitely human made! Hahaha! Love Firefox!

Further reading: Wikipedia

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