3 Ultra High Res Transformers Pix.. & more!

Hi everyone, here are the 3 ultra high resolution of 3 transformers model rendering – Optimus Prime, Bumble Bee and Megatron, thanks to a friend of mine who provide the source. Those three pictures are really high res, at least 4500px, so might make your computer slow while viewing it.

Yesterday, I watched the movie too. I think the movie is not well made… too much parody’s from other movies like Independence Day, Armageddon, Matrix… and even the chasing scene in front looks like trailer footage of “Need For Speed Most Wanted”. There is just a little adrenaline rush in this movie, the special effects scene was too short and in the end there, the robot fight scene is total chaos. I give it a B-.

Not to say disappointed but it can be better. I think this story was like celebration of web technology. Ebay, Youtube-like scenes, Witwicky (heard like Wikipedia) and the Optimus Prime said “We learnt this over the World Wide Web”. Haha. But, the art of transformers are wicked!

Full size view at below, 5th comment

Can’t get enough? go to Michael Bay’s Blog to seek for more! Click here to check out the high res Transformers poster!

6 July 2007 Update
More high res transformers goodies! VisionUnion here held the Transformers wallpaper design competition. There, they release the Transformers art assets for design use. I downloaded the pack and inside has some real nice transformers pictures. Here are some for preview. I don’t think I will participate, but the pics are great for collection. (Hint: bianxingjingangsucai.rar)


Important Note: This is outdated post, the links might not be available, and I won’t provide new links anymore, so don’t request for the picture anymore

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