7 Reasons to watch J-dramas.

Since I was 15 years old, I am a fan of Japanese Drama. Although I had been stop watching for a while, but thanks to Densha Otoko, it brings me back to the “dark side”. Since then, I been continuing watching J-dramas until now. J-dramas already is playing an important role in my life, and there is 7 reasons why I like J-drama so much, and why you should watch too.

1. Depicting real-life situation, with a twist.

Everyone who watch should know that, J-dramas’ story normally depicting the daily life of a Japanese. For example, the story of a working class, a lawyer, or even a patient etc. So, I feel that Japanese drama is very “real”, and this makes the actors and actresses act in a very natural condition too. With a twist means something that makes the story more interesting. For example, there is a lot of small little cute sound effects in Gokusen 2, or in Haken no Hinkaku, when the heroin is walking on the crowded street, suddenly the wind start blowing hard and make a path for her to walk, hahah.

2. Delivering message, or reflect the current society.

In every J-dramas, there is a message to tell to the audience. Sometimes the message is so strong and it might change a people’s perception or teach them the right way of solving problem. For example, in 14 Sai no haha, the story is about a 14 years old girl get pregnant. This is reflecting the current society because, you can read a lot of news about underage girls get pregnant, and it happens around the world.

While in “Proposal Daisakusen” that just ended, is about a guy who going back to his past to chase back his love ones who he never confess although he got so many chance to do it, and the girl is getting married to another guy. But he failed everytime he went back, so he decided not to look back to past anymore but what is in front of him. This tells us that, we should appreciate every moment of our life, and must live our life without regrets.

3. It’s short and compact.

Normally a J-drama will have about 11 episodes, unlikely other country dramas that might run up to hundreds. This is very good because it makes the storyline more compact and every episodes is exciting, and most important: NOT DRAGGY. Sometimes the dramas so good that I hope that they can make it longer haha.

4. Well presented in a package.

Normally a great j-dramas will come with a nice theme song, insert song or ending theme and original soundtrack. This will really enhance the story. For example, in “1 litre of tears”, the theme song “Only Human” by K, is really touching and the insert song “Konayuki” by Remioromen is also very nice. Or in “Densha Otoko”, the background music is superb and well blended. These musics makes the audience can feel the feeling of the scene more easily.

5. School life dramas brings back my memories.

I like J-dramas that talks about school life, especially high school. I had been “jealous” about how interesting the Japanese high school life (not to mention their uniform). Their school have so many celebrations and events, I think that is just so cool. And the enjoyment, the friendship, the happenings just make me recollect all the memories of my school life, it is just so nostalgic. I missed my school life but no regret because I enjoy my school life!

6. Interesting, wide range of storyline.

Japanese dramas is so rich in terms of the story telling! Unlike the others, which is so boring because the story is so repetitive and predictable. But in J-drama, you can expect and unexpected. Heard from my friends who had watch “Karei naru Ichizoku” that, the story is so twisting and you can never expect how the story will go. Or in “LIAR GAME”, the story is very exciting and unpredictable too. This is why J-dramas outshine the others.

7. Idols, Idols, Idols!!

Yeah, when new drama comes in, the first to concern is who is gonna act in that drama?? Not just cute female, even male I also concern. Remember last time I watch dramas like “Beautiful Life”, “Beach Boy”, “Gal Circle” etc.. just want to see how they charming and pretty they are. The more idols in it the better, hahaha. For example, I like Toda Erika and Yamapi a lot, so the dramas that have them sure I will watch.

So these are my 7 reasons to watch J-drama. Actually there is one more, that is because I have a bunch of friends who like to watch J-dramas too! With them, my J-drama life will not be lonely! I would say that is really greatful because I met J-drama. I will continue to watch for the rest of my life! J-drama banzai! Wah, first time write so long article.

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