Nodame Cantabile – “Onara Taisou” Lyric

Anyone who watch Nodame Cantabile the J-drama should know this cute song haha :D!! Noda Megumi (act by Ueno Juri) or Nodame, who dream of becoming a kindergarten music teacher, wrote this song. Onara Taisou means “The Fart Exercise” in English. The song comes with exercise too! I still remember where there is a scene in the drama, where Nodame plays the onara taisou music piece and her teacher is exercising the move, hahaha, that was hilarious!

Because the song is so cute, and many people requested to release as single, and Ueno Juri sings the song. There are a total of 5 songs in the single. There is one song in it I quite curious about. The song name is called “Koi no G Cup”. What does the G Cup related to!? Funny. Click on title to get the lyric of the song. Credits to Random Flowers.

Nodame Cantabile (Ueno Juri) – Onara Taisou

Lyric: Ninomiya Domoko, Noda Megumi, Poo Tarou
Music: Noda Megumi

Minna atsumare!
Onara taisou no jikan da yo!
Onara Taisou Ou~~!
San hai

genki ni dasou ii oto dasou
ookiku tatte chiisaku tatte
douse onnaji onara damon
te~ wa koshi ni saa ikuzo
hei hei pu~

minna de dasou waratte dasou
tousan datte kaasan datte
minna onnaji onara damon
so~ra takaku saa ikuzo
hei hei pu~

nandaka dasou mou sugu dasou
genki na onara kawaii onara
kondo wa donna no derun darou
so~re minna de saa ikuzo
hei hei pu~ (detaa)

のだめカンタービレ(上野樹里) – おなら体操

作詞:二ノ宮知子, 野田恵, poo太郎

皆 集まれ
おなら体操 おー
さん はい
元気に出そう いい音出そう
ど れ み ふぁ ぶぶぶ わーん
大きくだって 小さくだって
手は腰にさぁ 行くぞ へーへーぶー
皆で出そう 笑って出そう
ど れ み ふぁ ぶぶぶ わーん
父さんだって 母さんだって 皆同じおならだもん
空高く さぁ 行くぞ
何だか出そう もうすぐ出そう
ど れ み ふぁ ぶぶぶ わーん
元気なおなら 可愛いおなら
へーへーぶー 出た

*Bonus Translation
Everyone gather here!
It’s time for fart exercise
fart exercise! Ooh!
Get ready

Let’s emit a good sound, energetically emitted.
Do re mi fa PU PU PU, Waah~
No matter is a big one, or a small one,
They are all the same fart anyway
Let’s put your hand on the waist and here it comes, Hey Hey PUU~.

Let’s emit together with smile on your face,
Do re mi fa PU PU PU, Waah~
No matter is father’s or mother’s,
they are all the same fart anyway.
In sky high and here it comes, Hey Hey PUU~.

what will come out? It’s going to out soon.
Do re mi fa PU PU PU, Waah~
a healthy fart? or a cute one
but what kind of fart will emit this time?
So everyone get ready
Het Hey PU~~~~ Finally it’s out!

11 September 2007 update
I added the translation for this song as requested by aryan. Again, not sure about the accuracy, but i think it carries the meaning, thanks.

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  • yuzuri

    thank you for the lyric ^^ it’s such a cute song, i wish i can play the piano to sing along with my little brother

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    been looking for the lyrics.
    thanks a lot for posting it up!
    btw, do u hav the translation, tho?

  • jayhan

    Hey, you are welcome!

    By now I dun hv the translation, but I will try translate it ^^.

  • retsu782000

    this is hillarious… the one who sang it is it Uneno Juri or the one who dub nodame in the anime? The voice is cute.

  • jayhan

    yeah, is Ueno Juri sing this song. Her voice is cute!

  • http://skyroses mary

    so cute!!
    i love ueno juri voice!!!
    and she so sweet!!!

  • jayhan

    yeah, her voice is cute in this song hehehe, indeed she is sweet 😀

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  • admin

    Yeah, the song is cute. Gyaboo! Mukyaaa!

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    aiyuh…i love this nodama cantabile so much. its realli a good show. i wonder when v can get the season 3 in Msia?

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    the best song