25 Websites We/I Can’t Live Without

Today I came across this link about 25 Sites We Can’t Live Without, presented by TIME. Well, I actually quite curious what website will be in the list so I go and read it. Read it if you are curious too. Well actually there is some sites in that list is I really can’t live without. So, I also want to make a list of websites that I rely the most and visit almost everyday. There you go.

Websites I Can’t Live Without.

Daily Visit / Web Application
1. Lowyat.net – I can’t live without it. Joined this forum and visit this site almost everyday.
2. Del.icio.us – Discover nice sites and useful articles through here.
3. Wikipedia – One stop knowledge center.
4. Last.fm – To check my music taste-o-meter and various charts.
5. Google – Probably the website that I visit and rely the most.
6. Gmail – The email client that I trust.
7. Photobucket – Use this website to upload my pictures.

Graphic, Design and Images
8. DeviantArt – My daily design inspiration.
9. Stock Exchange – Think of royalty free images, think Stock Exchange.
10. Flickr – Another great site to search for photo inspiration.
11. SmashingMagazine – Inspiration, resources etc, great info on web design is here.
12. TheBestDesigns – Gallery of great websites
13. CSSBeauty – There is so much CSS sites, but I rely this the most.

14. Jpopsuki – A great site to get latest J-pop goodies.
15. myTVBT – Get latest J-dramas from here! Chinese Sub!
16. Imagegarden – Great site for J-Idol pictures.
17. Tokyograph – Japan Entertainment news in english.

18. NFSunlimited – I’m NFS fan. So I go to this site regularly to get latest buzz of NFS.
19. PCGameWorld – Sites that I visit to get games related stuffs.

19. Wordlingo Translator – Need this site to translate some foreign languages.
20. Kanji Converter – Need this site to convert kanji to romaji.
21. Dictionary.com – Rely this website more than dictionary now!

22. Yahoo NBA – Get the latest NBA news, match results here.

Site Management
23. Feedburner – Obviously, I have to check how is my site going.
24. WordPress – & WordPress related websites like themes and plugins library.
25. Jay-han.com – Last and not least, my own precious personal websites.

Ok lah, here is the lists of websites that plays important role in my daily surfing activity. I do visit a lot of other website and RSS it. Probably I will post them in the future. Thanks! šŸ˜€

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