Laugh now, but one day we’ll be in charge

I’m having a mix feeling when I writing this post. I’m joining this company back in January 2007 until now already six months long, is not short but not long either.. so I’m still consider as “newbie” in that company. So, one day I was doing this brochure design and the boss like it and finally, send for print and arrived back to us yesterday.

Actually, I was satisfy on the design I did, so I feel very happy and delighted, because I can design thing for the company. But the thing is, everyone was laughing at the brochure. At first, I think it was OK because the brochure is promoting a casual game that intended to bring a lot of smiles and enjoyment to audience, so I think it successfully portray the game feeling.. But, just don’t know why, everyone just laughing at it, and I feel not very happy for it by then.

I got depressed by this.. they even not appreciate the effort I put in. For me, every design is special and should not be laugh, and I won’t laugh people’s work because I respect him. After that, finally I realized something: I’m just a newbie, small employee here. No matter how the design is, at the end will still get laughs by others, especially seniors. So now, I will not feel bad anymore, and I will take that as a symbolization of my early career, and I will be stronger next time.

Then suddenly, I recollect this stencil graffiti work in my mind, which was done by one of my favorite street artist Banksy. I finally can feel the message of the tagline. Ok, you can laugh my works now, but one day somewhere in near future, you should recognize all the efforts that I put in. Thanks Banksy for enlighten me.

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