Lotte Ghana – Mother’s Day campaign wallpaper download

I get to know this campaign on the ad in a Japan magazine call “TVnavi”. After I saw this, immediately rush to my desktop and start to look for more, and they have a special website for this as well as free wallpaper for download. I quickly grab all the wallies and keep it. Now the campaign is over and the wallpaper is gone. Phew luckily i grabbed all, but just 1280×1024 size. This campaign consists of seven current popular female idols, for example Nagasawa Masami, Yuko Ogura, Kaho, Aya Ueto, Maki Horikita etc.

Click here to download original size.

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  • tom4

    well actuallly they have campaign every year in 母の日 ( may 11 ) and always same campaign for 3 years ( i think )
    and i think this campaign isnt original, they used many young girls to promote this campaign. same idea with tsubaki shampoo who used 12 girls stars to promote their
    products. and become very succesfull ( the shampoo is no 1 sale product last year in japan ), also has been to the CM awards in Cannes last year too bad theyre not won.

  • jayhan

    seems like you are very into Japanese entertainment. Gotta check the tsubaki ad out. Is it from Shiseido?

  • Olivia Smith

    Happy Mother’s Day to all..-“